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blocked gutters in Surry Hills

Blocked Gutter Clearing, Campbell St Surry Hills

Gutters have the role of collecting and guiding rainwater off the roof and down into the drain to prevent structural damage. 

Even if cleaning gutters doesn’t feature high on homeowners’ lists of home maintenance priorities, periodic upkeep is crucial for protecting the buildings. Blocked and clogged gutters can trigger damaged siding, landscape flooding, and several other unpleasantries, so even if they’re out of sight, they should never be ignored. 

At MPJ Plumbing Surry Hills, we offer professional gutter cleaning services to help homeowners keep their gutters functional and clean and prevent the risk of flooding. 

One of our gutter cleaning projects was on Campbell St, Surry Hills, where the homeowners needed a plumber to optimise their gutter functionality and fix their blocked drains. We sent two skilled plumbers, Cam (an experienced tradesman) and Peter (a director who handled numerous gutter optimisation projects), to evaluate the issue and identify the best solutions. 

Common Causes Of Blocked Gutters 

Gutter clogs are prevalent home issues. However, it’s easy to spot the signs of a blocked gutter (excess water, sagging). 

Most homeowners are left unsure what causes blocked gutters, so we listed the three most common factors. 

1. Leaves. It’s pretty common for the wind to blow leaves and twigs from nearby trees onto home roofs and therefore into their gutters. In Australia, trees are usually located close to houses, so it’s natural for leaves to find their way inside. The longer the leaves remain in the drains, the wetter they get and the more challenging to remove, as they can grow mould. 

2. Moss. Moss is also commonplace on roofs, and if it gets into the gutters, it can cause blockages. Moss is quite thick and can trigger a nasty clog. More water is added to the moss that doesn’t wash out but further obstructs the drains during rain. 

3. Bad downspouts. In some instances, nature has nothing to do with blocked gutters. Improperly installed or poorly designed gutter downspouts could entrap debris, making the water dawn in the drain. 

Effects They Can Cause On The Property 

Making sure the gutters are debris-free is crucial to maintaining a house in tip-top shape. Homeowners are always surprised by the type of damage blocked gutters cause. 

Structural damage – blocked drains can cause excess water to overflow and collect around the house’s foundation. When left unchecked, it produces cracks in the foundation and leads to structural damage. If the house has fascia boards, they’re at risk of water damage because clogged gutters expose them to excess water over time. Structural damage usually includes the peeling of paint and cracks. 

Damage inside the house – clogged gutters damage both the inside and outside of houses. Due to the water that seeps through to the inside of the roof, the electrical system, furniture, and appliances are prone to water damage. Home components like window frames, doors, and interior walls aren’t designed to withstand extensive water damage. Excess water can weaken the ceilings and cause rot growth into window frames. 

Pests – blocked drains can facilitate pest infestation. Excess water in the gutters creates a welcoming environment for parasites and insects, as moist conditions are ideal for bugs that carry diseases. Pest infestation in the gutters can result in homeowners suffering from health issues like allergies and asthma. 

What Work Was Completed (Steps Taken To Complete The Job): 

The homeowners called MBJ Plumbing when they noticed that water was overflowing into the property, causing damage to the ceiling below. At this point, it was too late for them to handle the job by themselves, and they understood that professional assistance was required. 

We dispatched a team to the site to clean the gutters and allow proper water flow within the drainage system to prevent further issues. They cleaned the gutters and removed the big leaves that stopped the water from reaching the drain. Our professional plumbers used a series of handy tools and attachments to remove the debris from the gutters and checked the downpipes to identify any hidden clogs. Once they ensured the gutters were functional and clean, they gathered the debris and disposed of the waste in proper conditions. 

It’s vital to keep gutters clean to enable rainwater to flow as it’s supposed to. The excess water from the gutters can cause tons of damage to the exterior and interior of a building, so the homeowners need to clean downspouts and gutters properly. 

However, gutter maintenance can be a dangerous task for a homeowner, and it’s recommended to have a plumbing and roofing specialist assist them.