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If you have a new gas project or a gas problem that you need to fix in Sydney, hire a professional Sydney gas plumber to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants.

Gas is a necessity for residential and commercial properties here in Sydney. However, it is also one of the things that need to be handled with care and by a specialist.

At MPJ Plumbing, we are gas fitting specialists serving Sydney residents and the surrounding suburbs. We are a licensed and insured gas fitting company with years of experience providing unmatched plumbing services around the Sydney region.

Our team of expert plumbers provides all types of gas fitting services you may need in all areas of Sydney, including emergency gas services. To us, it does not matter what kind of gas services you need. Whether it’s a minor or major service, our gas plumbers are always ready to fix it.

Our Gas Fitting Services

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we are continuously improving our capacity and expanding our range of gas fitting services. Contact us if you need any of these gas services:

New Gas Installation

Do you have a newly built home or business centre and want to install a new gas system? Well, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional and reliable gas fitting services. We have vast experience in new gas installations, both in commercial and residential properties.

Our plumbers will help design the best gas system for you depending on a range of factors, one of which is the size of your kitchen or space. We will also help you source installation materials at an affordable price.

Hiring a specialist for a gas fitting or new gas installation ensures safety, compliance, expertise, quality assurance and peace of mind. It is definitely worth investing in professional gas installation to avoid any potential hazards and ensure that your gas system is installed correctly and runs efficiently.

The MPJ Plumbing team is licenced to offer new installation services, and you can rest assured that all of these services are insured. Call us today for all your new gas installation needs — our specialists are ready for you 24/7!

Gas Appliance Installation

Apart from gas fitting, we also install new gas appliances. Gas hot water heaters are some of the most common appliances we install in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Whatever brand and model your gas water heaters are, we can install them safely.

Gas appliances can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Hiring an MPJ Plumbing specialist will ensure the appliance is installed safely and correctly, minimising the risk of gas leaks or other safety hazards.

Installation of gas appliances is also guided by safety standards and regulations. Our specialists have the expertise to ensure the installation complies with these regulations. Lastly, proper installation of gas appliances by a licensed professional ensures that they operate at maximum efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimising utility bills.

Call us today to install cooktops, ovens and other gas appliances at your home or business.

Gas Fitting Replacement Services

Planning a renovation for your home or business and need to change your gas system to match the new space? Call us for gas replacement services as part of your remodelling project. The MPJ Plumbing team will help you design a new gas fitting that matches your remodelled space.

Gas fittings play a critical role in the safe operation of gas appliances. To ensure that the fittings are replaced safely and correctly and that the risk of gas leaks are minimised, hire our specialists. After all, gas fitting replacement requires technical knowledge and expertise.

Gas Repairs

Faulty gas systems and appliances are common here in Sydney. The gas line can develop leaks, which can be damaging to your property. Gas leaks can cause fire damage if not fixed immediately. Faulty gas valves are also common with ageing gas fittings — you can rely on us to repair such problems.

A poorly executed gas fitting repair can cause gas leaks, releasing potentially harmful and combustible gases. Gas leaks are highly flammable and can ignite easily, causing fires and explosions. This can pose a serious risk to the safety of your property and its occupants.

Inadequate gas fitting repairs can also lead to carbon monoxide leaks, which can be fatal if inhaled in large quantities. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is colourless, odourless and tasteless, making it difficult to detect. Inhaling this gas or other harmful chemicals can cause short-term and long-term health problems, including headaches, nausea, dizziness and respiratory issues. Lastly, a gas repair that goes wrong can result in further damage and costly repairs down the line.

To prevent these hazards and risks, hire a qualified and experienced MPJ Plumbing specialist to perform gas fitting repairs. Our team has the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the repair is done correctly and safely, minimising the risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular maintenance and inspections by an expert can also help to identify and prevent potential issues before they become a problem. Don’t hesitate to call us for any plumbing or gas fitting inspections.

If you suspect that a gas fitting or repair has gone wrong, contact us immediately and take appropriate safety precautions. This includes turning off the gas supply and evacuating the building. Do not attempt to fix the issue yourself, as this can be dangerous and may worsen the problem.

Our plumbers can also help repair faulty gas appliances such as gas hot water systems, cook tops, gas stoves and gas ovens. If you also need line renewals, gas room heaters and other appliances repaired, we’re just one call away.

Gas Leak Detection

At MPJ Plumbing, we do not take gas leaks lightly. We treat them as an emergency because of the damage they can cause if not fixed on time. If you suspect a gas leak, call us immediately. Our newest gas leak detection technology ensures fast and reliable services.

Noticing a rotten egg smell on your property? Time is of the essence, you need to act quickly and take immediate precautions to protect yourself and others:

  • Open doors and windows — This will ventilate the area and allow the gas to escape.
  • Turn off the gas supply — Locate the main gas valve and turn it off. If you are not sure how to do this, contact your gas company for instructions.
  • Evacuate the building — If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, leave the building immediately. Do not use any electrical switches, lighters or matches, as they can ignite the gas.
  • Report the leak as soon as possible — Once you are safely outside the property, call emergency services, your local gas company and MPJ Plumbing to report the gas leak. Do not use your phone inside the house or building, this can cause the gas to ignite.
  • Do not re-enter the property — Stay outdoors until emergency services and gas leak specialists have given the all-clear.
  • Do not smoke or use open flames — Avoid using candles, lighters or matches near the building or in the vicinity of the suspected gas leak. These can ignite the gas and cause an explosion.

MPJ Plumbing group is here for you 24/7. If you suspect a gas leak or any gas fitting issues, call us at once, as it’s wiser to take precautions than to regret not having taken them later. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and pose serious health and safety risks. Follow the steps above and always prioritise safety first.

Emergency Gas Services

Gas fitting is one of the riskiest systems in your home or business. For instance, a huge leak from your gas fitting can cause severe fire damage to your property and a serious safety threat to its occupants. Inhaling leaking gas also exposes you to severe breathing complications.

To avoid these tragedies, don’t hesitate to call us for emergency gas services. Our plumbers are available all week, at any time of the day, including weekends and public holidays, to address all your gas plumbing emergencies and ensure your safety.

Why Choose Us?

At MPJ Plumbing Group, we pride ourselves on being more than just gas fitters but gas-experienced specialists. We offer gas services, gas products and even provide customers with advice on all aspects of gas systems, while keeping our services and products affordable to all. Here are other reasons why you should choose MPJ Plumbing:

  • 24/7 general and emergency gas fitting services
  • Quick response
  • Upfront prices
  • Insured and licenced
  • Quality workmanship
  • Extended guarantees

For all your gas fitting needs in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, contact MPJ Plumbing Group for free quotes. Our specialists are always ready to address your gas problems, including 24/7 emergency services.


At MPJ Plumbing Group, we always aim to make things easier for you. The process of booking our gas fitting services and hiring our team of professional plumbers in Sydney is quite straightforward.

  • Enquire online – Anyone interested in availing our gas fitting services can connect with us via phone at (02) 9053 8741, email at info@mpjplumbing.com.au, or via live chat on our social media platforms. Our team responds promptly, and we cater to same-day services.
  • On-site inspection – After receiving your details and information, we will schedule a non-obligatory on-site assessment of the gas fitting issue at hand and provide our recommendations.
  • Free quote – Once we determine the repairs you will need to fix your gas fitting issues, we will give you a free and upfront quotation of our services. Of course, although our experienced technicians will offer you different options and explain them to you, choosing the repairs that will suit you best will still be up to you.
  • Schedule work – As we are available 24/7 for any gas fitting needs, we will work around your schedule and get the job done at a time that is good for you. Feel free to choose to have the repairs done on the same day, or you can always reschedule for another time.

If you require gas fitting services in Sydney, whether it’s for an urgent issue or a routine inspection, MPJ Plumbing Group can assist you. Get in touch with us for your next gas fitting job.

Yes, at MPJ Plumbing Group, we offer a service warranty on all repairs to guarantee the quality of our team’s work. This assures our clients that we always give top-notch services in each job, whether big or small.

We value making our services accessible to those who need them the most, so we offer gas fitting repairs and other emergency plumbing services at the most affordable price possible. Aside from that, we also have a $49 call-out fee wherein we offer gas fitting checkups and inspections, this cost is dedicated from the total cost of the job if you choose to avail our services. And once we have your information and have laid out our recommended repair options, a free and non-obligatory quotation is also provided.