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Sydney Strata Plumbing

Are you managing a strata scheme here in Sydney? Well, do not take the issue of strata plumbing management lightly. Dedicate it to a professional and dependable plumber who can maintain it in a perfect condition. That’s what you will be getting from our team at MPJ Plumbing Group. 

We are a Sydney-based plumbing company that specializes in strata plumbing management. Our plumbing technicians are skilled and experienced in all kinds of strata plumbing maintenance. Call us for any strata plumbing task, no matter how small or big it is. 

We use advanced plumbing tools and equipment to ensure fast, reliable and quality services at affordable cost. MPJ Plumbing Group technicians are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing jobs, including weekends and public holidays. 

Strata Plumbing Issues MPJ Plumbing Team Handles 

At MPJ Plumbing Group, we handle all kinds of strata plumbing issues. Our team can handle the following strata problems and others: 

Blocked Drains 

A blocked drain is probably one of the most common plumbing issues here in Sydney. Kitchen sinks lead the list of blocked drains. The reason being the huge amounts of foreign particles, more so food scraps, that go down these drains. The grease build-up on the walls of kitchen sink drainpipes is another major cause of frequent blockage of kitchen sink drains. 

MPJ technicians can also help fix blocked toilet drains, blocked shower drains, and also blocked stormwater drains. If your sewer line is blocked, call us, and our team will fix it in no time. We have drain CCTV cameras, electric eels, hydro-jetting equipment, and other advanced tools for fast and reliable drain unblocking services. 

Hot Water Systems 

Nothing can interrupt tenants’ routine like a faulty hot water system. If the unit is persistently failing, it creates so many inconveniences. Tenants waking up to a cold, freezing shower will be a big problem. At MPJ Plumbing, we are here to ensure that your strata hot water systems are working perfectly throughout the year.  

We offer hot water system installations for new strata. Whether it is a gas, electric, or solar hot water system, you can depend on us for professional installation services. Our plumbers also offer repair services. If the unit is not heating or is has faults making it ineffective, our technicians can fix it.  

Call us if you need an old hot water unit or a damaged unit replaced. We can replace all types of hot water systems. If you need the hot water unit maintained, ring us today, and we will do a thorough job. 

Burst and Leaking Pipes 

Pipes burst, and leaking pipes can cause a lot of structural damages to the strata property. If not fix on time, the damages will continue growing and might cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The damages are also likely to extend to tenants’ electronic devices, furniture, and so on. 

MPJ plumbing team can help fix leaking and burst pipes. If signs of leaks have been reported, call us for immediate leak detection. We have the latest non-intrusive leak detection devices that ensure fast and accurate locating of water leaks. 

In case of pipe bursts, we treat it as an emergency. To avoid flooding damages, our team will leave for your strata immediately after ringing us. They will first put in flood mitigation measures and then fix the burst pipe. 

Gas Services 

Most strata properties in Sydney use gas for heating and cooking. The MPJ Plumbing team is licenced to handle all gas fitting services. You can depend on us for all new installations. The size of the project does not matter because our gas plumbers are certified and experienced. 

Our installation services also include appliance installations. Whether your tenants need a gas stove, gas cooktop, or gas hot water systems installed, our technicians can handle it.  

We are also offering reliable and affordable gas maintenance and repair services. If signs of gas leaks have been reported, we have vast experience in all gas repairs.  Ring us now, and we will be at your place in no time for all gas services. 

Emergency Strata Plumbing 

During plumbing emergencies, you need a dependable plumber who responds quickly to save tenants from costly damages and inconveniences. That’s what we are offering at MPJ Plumbing Group. Contact us now for all your strata plumbing emergencies. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and we respond promptly to your emergencies. 

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing Group 

  • Friendly, honest, and reliable 
  • 24/7 general and emergency plumbing services
  • Upfront pricing
  • Guaranteed on-time
  • Friendly price
  • Experienced and skilled plumbers 

Contact MPJ Plumbing Group today for all your strata plumbing management needs. We have the skills, experience, tools, and equipment to keep your strata plumbing in perfect condition throughout the year.