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Dux Hot Water System

Developed and launched right here in Australia, Dux Hot Water Systems are known for their longevity, superior build quality, and great efficiency.

Launching their first product over a hundred years ago in 1915, Dux has been busy since redefining the sector, discovering new and improved ways of delivering hot water to the people of Australia.

With a product range that has something to suit any kind of property, installing a Dux Hot Water System is a wise move for any household or business.

MPJ Plumbing: Dux Hot Water System Installations and Repair in Sydney

MPJ Plumbing are experts in the installation, maintenance, and repair of Dux hot water systems. Our team have decades of combined experience and thanks to our commitment to outstanding customer service MPJ Plumbing is now firmly established as Sydney’s number one plumbing specialist.

Our promise to you is to provide a fast and friendly service, upfront estimates and pricing, and job completion on time, every time. Whether you need emergency Dux hot water system repair work or you think your system is due a service, get in touch now.

  • Authorised Dux hot water system installations
  • Fully licensed, qualified plumbing engineers
  • Over-the-phone estimates and upfront pricing
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing service

We understand that choosing the right hot water system can be confusing with an enormous amount of product choices and options available. MPJ Plumbing is here to help. Our team can help advise you on what solution is right for you and make the installation process completely hassle-free.

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Why Go with Dux for Your Hot Water System in Sydney?

Over the course of its century-long history, Dux has constantly been at the forefront of hot water innovation developing some of the sector’s most important advances. Importantly, these include environmentally friendly solutions such as the integration of heat pump technology and the early introduction of solar-powered hot water systems. Alongside other efforts, these are bringing low and zero-carbon hot water solutions to all properties.

Developing and constructing their systems in New South Wales, Dux systems are also perfectly suited for local climates. Dux has several patents regarding its technology meaning its innovative water heating techniques cannot be found in products from other manufacturers.

Known for their precise manufacturing tolerances, quality materials, and especially high durability, Dux systems enjoy a reputation for producing robust systems that stand the test of time.

Types of Dux Hot Water Systems

The most popular Dux products come in 5 varieties. These are

Dux electrical hot water systems make use of mains electricity to run a current through a coil element within a storage tank. This heats the water in advance ready for use and can make use of off-peak tariffs. Traditionally, electric hot water storage systems are cheaper to install and more expensive to run, though Dux’s efficiency measures mean theirs are still highly cost-effective.
Dux has a wide range of highly-efficient gas hot water systems that use propane or natural gas to pre-heat water ahead of use. These can be more expensive to install than electric-powered systems but offer more long-term cost-saving benefits. A mains supply of gas is typically needed though some specialist cylinder-based LPG units are on the market.
Also known as tankless hot water systems, these systems use either gas or electricity to heat water as and when it is needed. This provides an endless supply of hot water almost instantaneously. Electric systems typically operate the point of use and gas systems use a condenser that can supply multiple taps. These run at around 10-30 litres per minute.
Heat pump hot water systems use around 30% less energy than electric systems and extract heat from the air using refrigeration, and heating water in the process. These systems are usually more expensive to install but are cheaper to run with Dux’s offerings being specially designed to handle the Australian climate.
Dux and other manufacturers use solar panels or evacuated tubes to heat water within a storage tank. These are installed on the roof of your property or on the ground level. While they can be more expensive to install, they effectively offer free energy and can be supplemented with a booster system for days with low solar gain.

The Dux Product Range:

Ideal for those who want to replace their existing electricity-based system, the Proflo Electric Storage range can be easily installed by MPJ Plumbing using existing standard connections. The Proflo comes in eight storage capacities from 25 litres for single-occupant, low-use households to a massive 400-litre tank suitable for even the largest of households.

Proflo tanks are made of stainless steel with specialised enamel coatings that maximise the system’s durability, meaning less maintenance and fewer repairs.

  • Indoor & outdoor installation options
  • Guaranteed full flow pressure to all outlets
  • Commercial grade Y-class enamel
  • Long-lasting anode
  • Low maintenance with long service life
  • Available in 25L – 400L storage tank options
  • Covered by long-term warranty (7 years – 10 years)

Available in both 135-litre and 170-litre storage options, the Prodigy range of products are slimline gas-powered hot water systems that are designed to be installed outdoors or in recessed wall cavities.

The Prodigy line comes in 4-star and 5-star energy variants, fully compatible with the footprint of older, 3-star models. Dux has therefore made it even easier to upgrade your gas hot water storage system making replacement extra easy and hassle-free.

Both variants feature a new and improved powerful burner that provides even more hot water making full use of the patented Dux flue damper system that is designed to reduce heat loss. The systems also no longer need a power point to operate, meaning even in the event of a power cut, a household will not be without hot water.

  • Natural gas and propane variants
  • Dual anodes for extended tank life
  • Improved burner technology
  • No power point required meaning
  • Operates using standard size gas lines
  • Covered by long-term warranty (7 years – 10 years)

With their space-saving design and variety of flow rates, Dux’s Always Hot Continuous Flow systems are perfect for households that want on-demand hot water that will never run out. The units come in a variety of sizes with different flow rates from 17 litres a minute to as much as 32 litres a minute.

These come in both a condensing and non-condensing option with the former reusing residual exhaust heat to deliver over $1000 worth of measurable savings. Both units are highly efficient with energy-star ratings as high as 6.4 (non-condensing) and 6.7 (condensing).

  • Smallest domestic condensing gas water heater
  • Instantaneous, continuous hot water
  • Suitable for 2-4 water outlets
  • Precise temperature control
  • 17-32 litres per minute flow rate
  • Electronic ignition
  • 12-year heat exchanger warranty

Aimed at households and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint significantly, the Ecosmart Solar range uses the free, powerful energy of the sun to provide hot water. High-performance solar collectors are installed on the roof of a property with a pump circulating the cold and hot water to and from a storage tank that is installed at the ground level.

Dux makes use of an Australian-made tank that features dense, 50mm thick polyurethane for preserving heat throughout the day ready for use. Within the tank, Dux installs multiple sensors to ensure overheating does not occur.

To ensure a steady, continuous supply of hot water, MPJ Plumbing also recommends the installation of gas or electricity-powered boosters. These boost the temperature of water heading to your outlet to ensure it has reached your desired temperature. Even with a booster installed, Dux’s solar systems enjoy 6-star energy ratings.

  • 250L, 315L, and 400L storage tank options
  • Class-leading energy efficiency and cost benefits
  • Efficient European controller and circulator
  • High-performance solar collectors
  • Specially insulated tank for heat preservation
  • Multiply tank sensors to prevent overheating
  • 7-year tank warranty

Available as a 250L, outdoor, ground-level hot water solution, the Airoheat Heat Pump is ideal for homes where roof-mounted solar collectors are not possible or not suitable.

Offering similar energy efficiency, the Airoheat uses reverse refrigeration to extract hot air from outside and heat water with it. Dux makes use of its patented in-tank heating coil to transfer heat directly to water, losing no heat in the process, something common amongst non-Dux systems.

The system features dual anodes to prevent tank corrosion and has water connections on either side making it suitable for any property setup.

  • Unified design for quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for high rainfall areas
  • Dual anodes for extended lifespan
  • Patented in-tank heating coil for direct heat transfer and no heat loss
  • 5-year tank warranty
  • 2-year refrigerant component warranty

MPJ Plumbing are Here to Install and Repair Dux Hot Water Systems in Sydney

MPJ Plumbing is proud to serve the households and businesses of Sydney and the surrounding areas. We can install and repair Dux Hot Water Systems on any property and can advise you on which product would suit you best.

Our areas of service include

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Here at MPJ Plumbing, we aim to deliver outstanding customer service to each and every one of our customers. Whether it’s a Dux Hot Water Installation, repair, maintenance, or you have an urgent issue and need to make use of our emergency plumbing service, we want to make the process as easy and quick as possible.

Whatever your problem or query, call us now on (02) 9053 8741 and we can arrange a visit from one of our expert plumbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn the control dial to the ‘off’ position (step 1). After a 5-minute wait, turn the dial until it’s in the pilot position (step 2). Press the dial all the way in and hold for 30 seconds while repeatedly pressing the igniter button until the pilot light comes on (step 3). Hold down the dial for a further 20 seconds. Release dial (step 4) and your heater should be reset.

While Dux systems are famously reliable and robust, the built-in logic boards of complex machines can sometimes need resetting. If your Dux electric water heater is not operating as it should, first try resetting the system

  1. Turn the dial to the “off” position for 5 minutes.
  2. Turn the dial to the “pilot” position.
  3. Push the dial-in and hold for 30 seconds while repeatedly pressing the ignition button until the pilot light comes on.
  4. Keep holding the dial-in for a further 20 seconds.

Release the dial and your heater should be reset.

Dux hot water system components are guaranteed between 5-12 years depending on the part and model.

Repaired and serviced regularly by authorised specialists such as MPJ Plumbing, Dux Hot Water systems can last far beyond the manufacturer guarantee, however. A well-maintained system can be expected to last over 15 years with many owners of older models still enjoying their Dux system 20+ years later.

Dux is one of Australia’s most trusted brands establishing itself as one of the country’s most successful companies. Dux stakes its reputation on manufacturing reliable and efficient hot water systems, built and developed on Australian soil for Australian people and businesses.