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Bosch Hot Water System

With a presence in Australia since 1907, Bosch Hot Water Systems is one of Australia’s most trusted brands. A manufacturer of a wide range of products, now Bosch has over 135 years of developing products that stand the test of time including hot water systems. Applying their famed German engineering to the country’s unique climate, Bosch now has several water heater models that cater specifically for the Australian market.

Whether you’re a commercial enterprise, a large family, or a single-occupant household, Bosch has some robust and efficient water heating solutions for you. Here at MPJ Plumbing, we specialise in Bosch hot water system installation and repair in Sydney and the surrounding areas and are ready and waiting to take your call.

MPJ Plumbing: Bosch Hot Water System Installations and Repairs in Sydney

MPJ Plumbing understands that you have a choice when it comes to choosing a plumber in Sydney. As specialists in the installation and repair of all types of hot water systems, including the Bosch product range, we are able to provide a fast, friendly service with a guarantee of finishing work on time.

We can offer you a free estimate over the phone and arrange a visit from one of our friendly team. We will then be able to give you an honest, upfront quote for the work due to be completed with absolutely no obligation. All of our team members are fully qualified and licensed to operate in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

  • Fully licensed with industry expertise
  • Qualified and licensed plumbing team
  • Authorised to install and repair Bosch hot water systems
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee offered on all of our installations
  • 24/7 emergency plumber service is also available

Why go with Bosch for Your Hot Water System in Sydney?

Bosch enjoys a reputation for delivering consistently high-quality products with superior engineering design. This focus on quality and design follows through to their hot water system range and results in a range of products that are not only reliable sources of hot water but are cost-effective too.

For the Australian market, Bosch has introduced a number of innovative units over the past 50 years, catering for all types of property and usage, both domestic and commercial. The Mechanical Range, for example, comes in both indoor and outdoor variants making use of the Australian climate to provide a continuous flow of hot water, without the need for a powerpoint. With experience delivering hot water for over 100 years, choosing to install a Bosch hot water system means you can expect a durable, reliable unit that operates exactly as it should. With extended warranties offered on almost all of their products, opting for Bosch should leave you confident that your hot water is sorted for years to come.

MPJ Plumbing is a team of certified experts in the installation of Bosch hot water heaters and is able to provide maintenance and repair work over the unit’s lifetime too. Give us a call now and one of our team will help advise you on what system is best for you.

Different Types of Hot Water Systems in Australia:

While most Australian homes will have a gas or electric-powered storage hot water system, other options are available and may suit your situation better.
Electric-powered hot water systems use mains power to heat water stored in a cylinder tank. A coil within the tank has a current passed through it and as it heats up, transfers heat to the water. The heated water can be used on-demand or stored for several hours thanks to the tanks being well-insulated.
Using propane, natural gas, and sometimes LPG, gas hot water systems use powerful burners to heat water stored within a storage tank. These systems typically require a connection to a mains gas supply but units are available that make use of portable gas cylinders. These are one of the most common types of hot water systems in Australia.

Instant hot water systems, also known as continuous flow hot water systems or “tankless” systems, heat water as and when it is needed. These units either heat the water before it leaves the tap, in the case of electric-powered units or earlier in the system in the case of gas and therefore able to deliver hot water to multiple outlets. These systems can often be more energy efficient than other types of solutions.

Using around 30% less energy than that of electric storage systems, heat pump units use reverse refrigeration to heat water ready for use. These systems can be more expensive to install and repair but offer considerable energy savings as a result.
Though not offered by all manufacturers, solar hot water systems use the sun’s radiation to heat water ahead of time, storing it within a tank. These systems use roof-mounted solar collectors in the form of a panel or tubing with water circulated through them to achieve a high temperature.

Bosch Hot Water System Install and Repair Sydney?

Bosch hot water systems have these three mechanical gas continuous flow water heater models that can be installed in homes or commercial facilities.

Coming in a variety of different capacities and options, Bosch’s hot water product range is ideal for Sydney residents with the units considered some of the most efficient on the market. The main line of products is known as the “Mechanical Range” and include

  • Bosch HydroPower
  • Bosch Internal Compact
  • Bosch Pilot Ignition
  • Bosch OptiFlow

HydroPower units harness the energy created by the natural flow of water within your system to ignite burners and begin heating water. To save energy, this process only begins when a hot water tap is opened with the unit switching itself off automatically after use. These units are extremely economical, therefore, and are considered amongst

The units are gas-powered and can be installed both externally and internally. Able to self-produce a voltage for pilot light ignition also means they are suitable for properties that do not have a mains electricity supply and with the ability to use LPG gas cylinders too, they can be used in even the most remote of locations.

  • Gas-powered continuous flow unit
  • Hydro-powered design
  • No mains electricity required
  • Available in 10L, 13L, and 16L capacities
  • Continuous, uninterrupted hot water supply
  • 5-star+ energy rating
  • Comprehensive Bosch warranty available

Similar to the HydroPower range, Bosch’s Internal Compact units use the natural flows of water to produce a small voltage capable of igniting gas burners within the unit. The Internal Compact units are specially designed, however, to be installed inside your home or business property.

Ideal for properties without a reliable mains supply of electricity, the Internal Compact range will kick start as soon as a hot water tap is opened and is suitable for use even in low water pressure environments. Thanks to Bosch engineering, these units are capable of producing a continuous supply of hot water at rates up to 16 litres per minute

  • Internal, gas-powered continuous flow unit
  • Hydro-powered design
  • No mains electricity required
  • Available in 10L, 13L, and 16L capacities
  • Continuous, uninterrupted hot water supply
  • 5-6 star energy rating
  • Comprehensive Bosch warranty available

With its compact, external design, the Pilot Ignition series of units are able to deliver hot water without the need for hooking up to a power supply. Using a standing pilot ignition, the units can be installed even where there is no powerpoint, providing flexibility on installation location.

As continuous flow systems, these units heat water only when it is required. This provides measurable energy savings that not only save you money but is also better for the environment as a result.

The units are capable of delivering up to 16 litres of water a minute making them suitable for most households and some commercial applications.

  • Gas-powered continuous flow unit
  • Pilot light design
  • No mains electricity required
  • Available in 10L, 13L and 16L flow-rate units
  • 4.6-star+ energy rating
  • Comprehensive Bosch warranty available

One of Bosch’s newer additions to its range, the Optiflow unit is a continuous flow unit powered by gas that enjoys a 6-star energy rating.

The unit uses an advanced combustion management system and Bosch’s patented software algorithm to moderate gas consumption and airflow. This produces an optimum gas-to-air ratio that constantly adjusts to the current conditions. A further energy-saving measure includes the “Easy Minimum” technology that allows small rises in temperature to be achieved with little energy use.

The unit also features high connectivity connecting with the ProWater App to set temperatures, track your energy usage and see an estimate of the costs. This connectivity can also be used by plumbers such as MPJ to diagnose and test the performance of the unit.

  • Gas-powered continuous flow unit
  • OptiFlow Combustion Management System
  • Easy Minimum temperature rise technology on board
  • Available in 16L, 20L and 26L flow-rate units
  • 6-star energy rating
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comprehensive Bosch warranty available
  • Compatible with solar energy sources

Why Choose a Bosch Water Heater?

Going for a Bosch water heater means you are choosing a trusted, quality brand for your hot water solution. Bosch units are built to last and use high-quality, precisely engineered parts that do not corrode. The hot water systems come with long warranties of 10 years+ as standard with extension options available.

Bosch units are perfect for homes and properties where electricity is not reliable or there is not a mains supply. This is thanks to the use of hydropower technology for ignition in the Internal and HydroPower range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the Bosch hot water system range comes with a standard 10-year warranty but are capable of lasting much longer with good maintenance and proper servicing. Regular servicing by professionals like MPJ Plumbing is vital to the longevity of your unit and can help spot problems early, extending the life of your unit considerably.

Whether you choose a gas or electricity-powered hot water system will depend on what energy source is most readily available at your property. Bosch’s main range of products are gas-powered and make use of propane, natural gas and sometimes LPG.

For most Australians, the easiest upgrade path from your existing system will be the best choice, with connections and power sources already in place and ready to be used on a new system.

As with any system with a pilot light, you may eventually develop problems with this small flame going out and being unable to stay alight. This is a common issue and has a multitude of different causes including misalignment, a damaged thermocouple or regulator, and debris blocking burners.

It is important not to try and fix gas appliances yourself but instead to call in professional, trained experts that will ensure safety is maintained. Call MPJ Plumbing now for an expert diagnosis and solution.