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Blocked Drains

Even the most expensive or carefully maintained properties will experience a blocked drain. This is because we cannot always control everything that goes down our drain. But, the good news is, a professional plumber can fix a blocked drain in no time.

At MPJ Plumbing Group, we are a professional plumbing company serving Sydney residents and surrounding suburbs. We are licenced and insured contractors offering a range of plumbing services, including blocked drains.

MPJ Plumbing’s blocked drain services cover all drains for both homeowners and businesses in this region. Our plumbers are also skilled, licenced and equipped with top quality tools and equipment. They can fix all blocked drains and do it fast without compromising the quality of the service.

Common Blocked Drains We Fix

MPJ Plumbing can handle all kinds of blocked drains. If your kitchen or bathroom sink is not draining water or is slow, call us. This is a sign of clogged drains and our plumbers have the tools and skills to fix them.

We also fix block toilet drains, which is a common problem for both homes and businesses. The flushing of foreign materials is the biggest cause of toilet blockages. But, don’t worry, our team is always on standby to restore your drains.

Our Sydney blocked drain plumbers will also fix your blocked sewer line. It is one of the most stubborn blocked drains, but we have the tools and equipment to address it. If you notice that your household drains are suddenly not working, there is a high chance of a blocked sewer line and it should be treated as an emergency.

A storm drain is another type of blocked drain that our plumber can help fix. We have CCTV drain cameras, electric eels, pipe locators, water jetters, and other modern tools and equipment needed for drain clearing.

Main Cause of Blocked Drains

We don’t just fix your blocked drains but also help you avoid the problem from recurring in the future. Most blocked drains are a result of things we could have prevented. Here are some of the reasons for your blocked drain:

Grease Build-Up

The build of grease on the drain pipes is the biggest cause of blocked kitchen sink drains, bathroom drains and sometimes, the sewer pipe. The grease build-up usually comes from cooking oil, washing soap and cleaning detergents. Grease clogs are some of the most difficult blockages to remove unless using advanced tools and equipment.

Foreign Objects

The toilet drain is designed to flush urine, faeces and toilet paper. Anything else flushed down these drains is q foreign object and can cause blockages. A good example is flushing wet wipes, dental floss, sanitary pads, towels and so on.

Tree Roots

If your sewer line or storm drain is blocked and there are trees around the line, then tree roots could be the cause. Tree roots usually find their way into the pipes by loose joints or cracks, and they grow from the inside to cause stubborn clogs.

Signs Your Drain Is Blocked

There are many signs that will tell you your drains are clogged. If you can read these signs in advance, you will be able to reduce damages.

Water Pooling

Have you noticed water pooling in your yard? This is a sign that you drain, more so the sewer line has been blocked. With water filling in the pipe due to a blockage, it will try to escape through cracks and joints to the surface.

Strong Smell

Decaying food items, organic matters and human waste in the drainpipes smells really bad. If you notice a strong odour coming from the kitchen sink, the drain is likely to be blocked, or there is a clog building up.

Slow Toilet Flush

The toilet should be flushing fast, but if the flushing becomes increasingly slow, there is a clog building up.

Slow Draining Sink

Obstruction of the drain sink pipe by clogs is the reason for the slow draining sink. The building up of soap, grease, hair and other materials in the pipes is the reason for slow draining.

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing?

We are not just a typical plumber, but are instead qualified advisers on all drain management matters. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality services at affordable prices. Here are reasons why you should hire us:

  • Same day services
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Upfront prices
  • Discounts
  • Fully insured and licenced
  • Quality workmanship
  • Free quotes

Contact us for all your blocked drain problems in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call us today for a $0 call out fee!