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Sydney Blocked Toilet Plumbers

A major plumbing issue, like a blocked toilet, is unpleasant, potentially damaging to your home, and should only be repaired by an expert. While it may seem like such emergencies are rare, you should always do everything possible to avoid their occurrence.

Blockages usually occur due to foreign objects being improperly disposed of in the toilet. Because of this, typically the best way to avoid a clog is just by being careful and making sure everyone in your home knows what does and does not belong in the toilet.

Having a clogged toilet is not only unhygienic, but it poses possible flood risks for you and your neighbours. Overflowing can ruin the flooring and leak into other parts of the home, which can lead to costly repairs later on, if not taken care of timely.

If you are experiencing a blocked toilet in Sydney, don’t waste another second and call MPJ Plumbing.

We are the most affordable and honest plumbing service in town!

We use tools that won’t damage your bathroom or hurt our environment. With us, you’re guaranteed high-quality workmanship without any hidden costs.

Tips to Avoid Blocked Toilets:

Emergency Blocked Toilet Plumber in Sydney

Call our blocked toilet plumber for immediate service when your toilet is overflowing, and plungers are no longer helpful. We’re available around the clock to control overflowing toilets and severe clog problems so you don’t have to.

There’s no one like us! We are passionate about what we do, which means you can expect high-quality service from start to finish. With a large part of our clientele coming from referrals, our company has earned the reputation of being trustworthy and invaluable in times of need. We are always looking for new and better ways to offer you superior service at more affordable prices.

Our Process

It’s never too early to check on our sewer lines! Inspecting them can save you from expensive repairs down the road- so make sure that they’re clear by utilizing our professional services. We use a CCTV camera during inspections to spot blockages and damage that may not be visible to the human eye alone.

We begin by clearing out the bowl to make sure there are no foreign materials stuck in it (to prevent smells). We can then pour one cup of bleach down each drain opening until bubbles form at, or around the openings – taking care not to add too much. This mixture can set for about 10 minutes before rinsing the chemicals down with fresh water, using a stiff brush or old toothbrush to scrub away any leftover residue.

A professional plumber will come right away to diagnose whatever issue may have caused flooding with your toilet, or other plumbing fixtures. If necessary, they will then make repairs immediately so that, once again, everything is running smoothly by the end of the visit.

Our Process

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing for Your Blocked Toilets?

With experience in the plumbing field for over 25 years, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We are proud of it! The quality of our plumbing services is unmatched.

Whatever the issue, we have the tools and experience to get it done. Plus, no matter how messy our work gets, we always leave it cleaner than we found it.

Our team is the best in the field. We guarantee that you will never be disappointed with our work because we go above and beyond to provide quality plumbing services at competitive prices.

If you are experiencing plumbing problems, MPJ Plumbing is here to assist. We provide 24/7 services for any plumbing issues that occur in residential homes throughout Sydney.

How Does MPJ Plumbing Unblock Toilets in Sydney?

A blocked toilet is only the symptom of a bigger problem. If this is an ongoing issue, likely the sewer drain needs to be cleared by an experienced plumber or it could cause more severe issues in the future. Our plumbers carry the latest equipment so they are able to quickly assess the problem and recommend the solutions that are right for you.

With our plumbing cameras and CCTV drain inspection, we can easily see what is causing your blocked toilet or slow drainage. We offer video footage of your problem and discuss options for unblocking the toilet effectively. Pipe inspections like these are excellent ways to identify potential issues before they arise. With us, you are never at a loss for solutions.

We know that blocked toilets are frustrating. At MPJ Plumbing, we use high-pressure jet blasters to quickly and effectively eliminate the blockages, no matter how significant the obstruction might be. Our range of jet blaster heads are capable of breaking down all types of sediment build-up and can provide high-pressure water streams that clear the entire canal. Once the toilet blockage has been loosened, a high-pressure water jet is sent down to flush out any clogs.

What Are The Common Blocked Toilet Causes in Sydney?

Wet wipes don’t break down in the water, so these have a high risk of blockage.

Pipes are not designed to handle bulky items like pads and tampons.

A single flush may not be enough to handle toilet paper.
Quite common, children’s toys often find themselves in the toilet and can cause large blockages.

Tree roots growing into the main sewer line can cause a clogged toilet.

Cotton buds, wipes, and condoms should never be flushed or placed in the toilet.
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How to Avoid Blocked Toilets in Sydney?

The best way to avoid a blocked toilet is by performing maintenance that keeps the toilet from clogging up in the first place. A blocked toilet is one of the most annoying and frustrating things in any home, but it doesn’t have to be costly. We offer various ways for you can prevent such a problem before it happens. The Three Ps Rule” is our recommended way to prevent clogged toilets.

MPJ Plumbers are the experts when it comes to unblocking toilets throughout Sydney

If you’re looking for a reliable service that can unblock your toilet, MPJ Plumbing Solutions in Sydney is the team to call. From Sutherland Shire to Inner West – our expert plumbers will be ready and on-site as soon as possible. Our team has the technology and expertise to quickly get rid of this problem.

Our customers love our service

We are the best at what we do and we love going above and beyond for our clients. Through our hard work, we have earned glowing testimonials from years of satisfied customers on top review sites such as Google, Truelocal, and Yellow Pages.

See what our customers have to say:

"Had a leaking pipe in our laundry ceiling below a kitchen above. Peter arrived within a couple of hours of my call and let me know about half an hour before that he was on his way. The repair was a little bigger than it first seemed but I was impressed with Peter's can do attitude and professionalism. The price was reasonable and we've definitely found our 'go to' plumber. Oh, and he's a nice guy too!"
"Peter and his team have come to the rescue numerous times to our properties. Apart from excellent work and very reasonable fees, they clean up and remove all rubbish/materials and our tenants always compliment their professional, courteous and respectful work manner. We have no hesitation in rating Peter and MPJ Plumbing 5 stars."
"Stoked with the works provided by MPJ Plumbing. Peter was able to identify the issue over the phone, before promptly attending to fix the cause of the problem. Peter was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend MPJ Plumbing to anyone and everyone!"
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Wide Range of Blocked Drain Services in Sydney

We are the top plumbing company in town and we guarantee that no matter what problem you need to be fixed, you will be satisfied. Our company has the most reliable Toilet plumbers in Sydney. We can fix any issue with your toilet drain, no matter how simple or complex. Plus, our friendly staff is always on time and ready to resolve the issue before heading off to another job site.

Your local Sydney plumber: Professional blocked toilet repairs

No one wants the hassle of a plumbing emergency, but it needs to be dealt with quickly. Our team is always available and ready for any situation, so you can rest assured knowing your home or business doesn’t have to suffer damage waiting on a plumber.

We take pride in being the most responsive and fastest plumbing service, with an expert team always on call to fix any issue. Our team of licensed professionals will get you back up and running quickly.

At your request, one of our professional plumbers will arrive on-site to diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate for whatever expert toilets repairs you may need.

Toilet repairs plumbers: 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We want to be your 100% satisfaction guaranteed plumber. Our vehicles are stocked with any plumbing parts and tools that may be required so we can carry out every job quickly, saving you time on extended repairs or replacements of broken fixtures.

For high-quality and affordable toilet plumbing services for your home or business, you can trust the team at MPJ Plumbing. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy to suit all needs from clearing blocked toilets to installing luxury models – we’ve got it covered.

Toilet repairs Sydney-wide

There are many parts of the toilet that are essential to making it work correctly. Unfortunately, these heavily used parts will eventually wear out, and when this happens, it can cause leaks or disrupt flushes. This is why regular maintenance by an expert plumbing crew is so important.

We have all the right tools for the job, from our experience in repairing toilets to the modern equipment we always keep on hand. We take great care and make sure the other related parts are changed out too, so you don't have to worry about any new issues occurring anytime soon.

Various Toilet Parts That Might Need Fixing

Our state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff are always ready to immediately take care of any issue that arises in your home or business. All it takes is one call from you! Let us help keep things running smoothly in your bathroom by making sure there aren’t any issues that could cause serious problems. The experts at MPJ Plumbing in Sydney are ready to handle all your blocked toilet needs.