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Gas Cooktop Installation Sydney

Installing a gas cooktop is one of the easiest and most useful ways to upgrade your kitchen. Cooktops powered by natural gas provide an extremely efficient way to cook as well and can give a new look to your kitchen. With natural gas now widely available throughout Australia, now’s a great time to make the switch and take advantage of lower bills, a lower carbon footprint, and more reliable energy.

If you’re interested in installing a cooktop, always use a professional gas plumber. Installations require adequate spacing and specialised skills to protect your home and your family. Only licensed plumbers can perform gas installations in your home with DIY attempts being extremely hazardous.

Gas Cooktop Installation Sydney


If you’re in need of a gas plumber in Sydney contact MPJ Plumbing today. With over 25 years of plumbing experience serving the people and businesses of Sydney, the Inner West, and more, there’s no job too big or too small for our team of skilled professionals.

We have extensive knowledge of installing gas cooktops and are fully licensed, qualified, and insured to carry out gas installations on your property. This includes installing new fittings, pipework, and repairing existing gas lines if necessary.

At MPJ Plumbing, we take safety seriously. As any kind of gas work can be potentially dangerous, we encourage you to give us a call and let us handle your project. Improper gas cooktop installations can lead to gas leaks which can poison the air in your home or business property.

Our skilled technicians deliver the highest quality plumbing work in Sydney. Whether it’s a cooktop, BBQ hookup, repair job, or otherwise with our workmanship guarantee, you can rest assured that any work completed by MPJ Plumbing is safe, high quality, and will last.

MPJ's Promise to their Customers

With almost 20-plus years of experience in the industry, the MPJ team is committed to delivering the best plumbing and installation service at very affordable rates and ensuring 100% satisfaction from our customers.

With more than twenty years of experience in the Plumbing industry, the team here at MPJ is renowned for delivering the very best plumbing and installation service in Sydney. Committed to being the best plumber in the Inner West, our goal is complete customer satisfaction, uncompromised safety, and offering affordable rates.

Honest Upfront Pricing

We understand how frustrating it can be to be left in the dark when it comes to quotes. To take the stress out of plumbing work and help you budget, MPJ Plumbing offers estimates for services over the phone. Upon inspection and accurate assessment, we can then offer an honest, upfront quote that you can rely on.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

All the team members at MPJ Plumbing are skilled technicians who take pride in what they do. We stand by our work and don’t believe in cutting corners. All projects conducted by us, therefore, come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Friendly, honest and reliable

Plumbing problems can often be extremely stressful. At MPJ Plumbing while all our work is conducted on time and to the highest professional standards, you will also find our technicians approachable, honest, and reliable. Feel free to ask questions and have our team explain anything you are unsure of.

24/7 Priority Sydney Service

MPJ Plumbing offers a 24/7 emergency plumber service in Sydney available for gas leaks, burst pipes, blocked drains, and more. Call us any time, any day and we’ll have someone round soon to help.

Local, Licensed and Insured Professionals

All members of the MPJ team are licensed, qualified, and insured to conduct any gas or water-related service. This includes repair work, installations, maintenance, and more on both residential and commercial properties.

Professional Gas Cooktop Stove Top Installation at Home

MPJ Plumbing delivers a complete gas cooktop installation service for home and commercial kitchens. This includes the safe removal of your old cooktop, gas fitting work to supply your kitchen with gas, adding extra gas points for powering your appliances, and installing your new cooktop in accordance with the laws and regulations of New South Wales.


New Cooktop Installation Service

Whatever the brand of cooktop, MPJ Plumbing can install it. We have experience installing stovetops and cooktops from all manufacturers and understand the unique procedure for each. We can recommend and supply cooktops based on your requirements, ensuring they are installed with all safety measures adhered to. With all installations covered under our lifetime workmanship warranty, you can be confident your cooktop will be installed correctly.

After years helping people make the switch to gas, we have now honed a streamlined, stress-free cooktop installation procedure:

We begin the installation of a new cooktop or stove by first removing your old appliance. In the case of gas stoves, we will first isolate the cut-off valve and perform several safety checks. This ensures the gas line is completely disconnected before continuing work.

With the gas line turned off and tested, we will remove the old cooktop, disconnecting it from the supply.

After disconnection of the existing cooktop and our technicians are happy there are now gas leaks, we then thoroughly clean the area prior to installation. Our technicians will also measure and assess the space requirements of your new stovetop to ensure no safety margins are breached. This prevents your new appliance from damaging walls and nearby cabinetry, as well as preventing fires.

With the area prepared and safety checks conducted, the new gas cooktop installation is ready to commence. We assemble the appliance and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure warranty validity. This includes bracket fixings, correct alignment, and the gas line hooked up. The cooktop will also be firmly affixed to your countertop, with a flush finish.

After fitting, we then review and visually inspect the installation and corresponding pipework before switching the gas line back on.

Customer safety is as important to us as customer satisfaction. Once we have finished the installation of a new cooktop, therefore, we perform more thorough safety checks to eliminate any risk to your property and family.

As well as checking for gas leaks, these tests also ensure there is adequate gas flow to properly power your cooktop. MPJ Plumbing will adjust the pressure of gas delivered to your appliance in accord with the manufacturer’s specification.

With a 24/7 emergency plumber service available, should there be any problem with your gas appliance or you smell gas, call MPJ Plumbing immediately.

After installation and checking everything is set up correctly, we then take time to discuss the work conducted and make sure you are completely satisfied. If need be, we can show you how to use the appliance and explain its functions. We will also give some safety tips on your cooktop’s use and some tips for general maintenance to keep it functioning correctly.

We will then present you with a gas certificate of compliance to prove you have had your new cooktop installed by trained, licensed professionals. This document is important for insurance purposes. Improper or DIY cooktop installation can invalidate insurances and poses a significant risk to occupants and property itself.

Things to Consider When Having a Gas Cooktop Installed

It’s important to never attempt any unqualified gas-fitting work yourself. In Australia, only licensed gas fitters can install cooktops as it requires interference with the main gas line.

Just as important, however, is making sure your cooktop has adequate clearance. Without the right amount of space around your gas stovetop or cooktop, there is a chance nearby cabinets, counters, and surfaces can burn and possibly catch fire. There is also a risk of fumes accumulating if clearances are not adhered to.

According to Australian Standard AG/601-AS5601, cooktop installations require the following clearances:

  • 600mm vertically above clearance from a combustible surface
  • 200mm horizontally clearance from a combustible surface
  • Surface covered with fire-resistant material as per AG/601 standards.
  • 600mm distance between range hood and cooktop
  • 750mm distance to exhaust fan and cooktop

Range hood installation

A range hood/cooker hood is a device installed on the cooktop in the kitchen, which helps in ventilation, filters out steam or grease from the cooking surface and improves air quality in the kitchen. They are available in variable sizes and types and are adjustable per your kitchen setup. As per Australian clearance standards, a Range hood is required to install over the cooktop for ventilation and safety.

Exhaust fan installation

An exhaust fan can also help to vent smoke, moisture, and unwanted odours from your kitchen. These can be more powerful than a range hood and can be especially useful in commercial spaces.

While exhaust fans and range hoods are not legal requirements, they are essential to prevent moisture damage to your home and can help make your kitchen more pleasant.

electric stove cooktop img

Switching an Electric Cooktop to Gas

MPJ Plumbing are also licensed and qualified to replace electric cooktops with gas-powered equivalents. With our team of trustworthy technicians, we can recommend the best course of action to get natural gas in your kitchen. Whether you have existing gas pipework or you need gas fitting extended into your kitchen, we can help.

After replacing an electric cooktop with gas, we also provide an after-setup service for customers with regular maintenance and inspection. This ensures the cooktop remains safe and working optimally.

MPJ provides gas certificates

In accordance with Australian legal requirements, we provide all customers with a gas certificate of compliance. This can be provided by all MPJ gas plumbers after the completion of work and proves the installation of a cooktop meets the correct clearance specifications and is safe to use.

This certificate is provided the same day and can be used to validate insurance and give you peace of mind.

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MPJPlumbing’s Areas of Service

At MPJ Plumbing, we deliver the very best plumbing service in Sydney. Our areas of cover include:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St George
  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • North Sydney
  • Northern Beaches

MPJ Offers Emergency Plumbing Services in Sydney

Whether it’s a burst pipe, a gas leak, a blocked toilet or your drains are overflowing, we are here to help. MPJ Plumbing offers a 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Sydney. If you smell gas or are dealing with an emergency situation, MPJ is available round the clock to help return your property to normal.

Call MPJ for Any Type of Gas or Plumbing Project!

As well as cooktop installations in Sydney, MPJ Plumbing offer a wide range of other gas and plumbing work. With over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we offer a fast, high-quality service for any kind of project.

Whatever your gas, heating, or plumbing project, contact MPJ Plumbing today to find out how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still some questions in your mind? Here you can go with the most common FAQs, which might help you with yours.
It is important to not attempt to install a gas cooktop yourself. Installation of a gas cooktop requires specialist knowledge and a licence to properly comply with Australian law. Installing a gas cooktop yourself is dangerous and can cause harm to occupants through gas leaks and possibly explosions.
Yes, on average powering a gas cooktop will cost between 10-30% less than a cooktop powered by grid-electricity. On top of this, it also has a lower carbon footprint making it a greener option.
The waste fumes emitted by natural gas can be hazardous to our health. It is important to have an exhaust or range hood installed to vent these fumes which include carbon monoxide, something that is deadly in concentration.
Properly installed and vented, gas cooktops are 100% safe. It is also important to keep your gas cooktop and fittings adequately maintained to guarantee safety, a service MPJ Plumbing can provide.