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Gas Bayonet Fitting Installation Sydney

Have you been looking for help installing a gas bayonet or other related plumbing fitting? Trying to install a gas bayonet fitting yourself without the proper experience and information can be dangerous. It’s one of those things that is best left to the professionals.

Our experienced team at MPJ Plumbing has the knowledge and equipment to make sure your gas bayonet is installed properly. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team is more than qualified to take on any gas bayonet fitting installation – whether it be for your residential home or large commercial business.

MPJ Plumping’s Promise to Their Customers

MPJ is specialised across all facets of the plumbing industry, including gas fittings, drainage, hot water systems, and emergency plumbing. Our plumbers across Sydney are known for fast, quality, friendly, and reliable work. We make the promise to our clients that all jobs will be completed in a professional and timely manner. Our work, whether it’s for a residential or commercial client, is 100% guaranteed.

Honest upfront fixed pricing

Transparency is a central pillar within our organisation. We know clients want clarity in the costs of their installations and repairs. Not only is MPJ always straightforward about job pricing, but our team will also always brief you on the price and processes of what needs to be done before the work even starts.

Lifetime workmanship warranty

Not only does our team have the specialised training and expertise to complete even the most technical plumbing work, but we also guarantee the quality of our work with a lifetime workmanship warranty. This way, you can be certain that all your plumbing problems have been put to rest for good.

Friendly, honest, & reliable

With decades of combined experience, our team has worked with every type of client under the sun. The work that MPJ does is personalised for each specific client, and backed by fast, friendly, and reliable plumbers across Sydney.

24/7 priority Sydney service

Much of the work we do is emergency-based, whether that is a gas repair or massive plumbing leak. We understand how important speed and efficiency is across all plumbing repairs, which is why our services in Sydney are offered 24/7. If you need an emergency repair, we are the plumbers to call!

Local, licensed, and insured professionals

Our team isn’t just specially trained for the emergency work we complete. Each of our plumbers are licensed and insured to complete the plumbing services we offer. Not only that, but we’ve also always prided ourselves on hiring the best local talent, which plays a big part in how friendly and knowledgeable our team is!

Everything You Need to Know about Gas Bayonets

A gas bayonet is a fitting or outlet used to supply LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to appliances in homes and businesses. By using a gas bayonet to connect your home with an external gas supply, you are able to power appliances like heaters and other free standing gas appliances.

Gas bayonets consist of two main parts, a female fitting and a male fitting. The female fitting is normally floor or wall mounted, depending on where the building’s external gas supply is. The male fitting is attached at the end of the gas bayonet hose, and plugs into the female gas bayonet fitting at the wall or floor. To summarise, the male fitting connects the appliance with gas through the bayonet hose, and the female fitting makes the connection between the gas bayonet hose, appliance, and external gas supply.

When done correctly, the installation of male and female gas bayonet fittings will provide the appliances in your home or business with a safe and secure gas connection.


When would you need a gas bayonet installed?

You’ll need a gas bayonet anytime you have an appliance, most commonly a heater, that requires a gas supply for power. Gas heating holds a few advantages over electric heating, most notably that it is more economical.

Two other common appliances that require gas bayonets are outdoor barbecues and upright heaters. As both of these are outdoor appliances, they require a special type of installation and maintenance.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Gas Bayonets

Everything that’s outdoors is exposed to the elements, and gas bayonet fittings are no exception. While they serve the same function of providing an efficient power source to all your appliances, outside bayonet fittings require more maintenance than indoor fittings. Such maintenance requires the home or business owner to keep the fittings clear of any debris or bugs. Bits of debris can interfere with the quality of the bayonet connection and comprise the safety of your gas supply.

How to Connect Your Appliances to a Gas Bayonet

The connection between appliance and gas bayonet can be accomplished in a few easy steps.


Find the male gas bayonet fitting. It should be affixed to the end of the gas bayonet hose, which is attached to your appliance.


Find the female gas bayonet fitting and remove any debris. This is the fitting that’s permanently attached to your wall.


Plug the hose and male gas bayonet fitting into the female fitting. The male fitting has two push-and-twist slots that will lock it into the female fitting, securing your gas supply.

Gas Bayonet Safety

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to safely secure your appliances to a gas bayonet.

As mentioned before, always check for debris and move such debris before making a connection. Debris can cause faulty connections and lead to gas leaks.

For bayonet fittings used to connect a heater in a bedroom, it is strongly recommended to use only a flued gas heater. Safety issues can arise when using an un-flued gas heater, and can sometimes make the bedroom inhabitable.

An open flame should never be placed near a gas bayonet fitting. This is extremely dangerous, and can result in spontaneous fires, and even fatalities.

Bayonet Cover Installation

Alongside their gas bayonet installations, home and business owners can also install bayonet covers to avoid any bugs or debris clogging up the connection. Most gas bayonet covers are designed for the female fitting, as it is the female fitting that is most exposed and prone to accumulating debris. Most fittings are made of strong rubber and include a chain that can be locked to an additional place on the fitting.

Cap and plug covers simply fit over the female fitting and lock snuggly in place. Male covers can also be used, and are secured by using the same locking lugs that a male gas bayonet fitting would have.


What locations does MPJ Plumbing service in Sydney?

Our team has experience with homes and businesses across Sydney. As all of our plumbing professionals are local experts, we can provide the high-value service required for any gas bayonet installation job. We cover the following areas:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St George
  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • North Sydney
  • Northern Beaches

MPJ Plumbing Offer Emergency Gas Installation Services Across Sydney

As our team is filled with local experts and experienced professionals, MPJ Plumbing is proud to serve the residential and commercial properties of Sydney and its surrounding areas. Our team is always on hand and prepared for emergency services.

Call MPJ Plumbing today for a fast, friendly, and reliable gas bayonet installation. We’re open 24/7 for all emergency plumbing services across Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

LPG has a strong, distinct aroma, so the most common way of detecting if you have a gas leak is by noticing the smell. You can also equip your home with a gas detector.
A gas bayonet can only be installed by a licensed (and preferably experienced) gas fitter. As the home or business owner, you have the right to request to see your plumber’s gas work license, so don’t be afraid to ask! This way, you can be certain the work being done on your home is being completed properly.
A BBQ can be connected to a gas bayonet following the same simple steps used with any other appliance. First, find the male and female gas bayonet fittings. The male should be located on the end of the bayonet hose, which is attached to your BBQ. The female fitting will be located on the side of the building. After ensuring that both fittings are free of any debris or bugs, connect them together and lock them in place with the push-and-twist slots on the male fitting.