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Blocked Stormwater Drains Sydney

Stormwater drains and sewer pipes are essential to your home. They need to be working so that you can enjoy clean water, without pollution in it.

Contact Your Trusted Stormwater Plumber and Leak Detection Specialist in Sydney

Storm drains are often called “storm sewers”, however, they are more formally known as “surface water drain” or “drain”.

Private properties are just like any other when it comes to storm drains. Water gets collected from your house’s gutter and is carried into a more extensive, citywide system of drainage channels that runs alongside roads or below sidewalks.

Stormwater drainage systems are a necessity for preventing flooding in your home. Stormwater drains can become blocked due to heavy rain, which can cause problems for the system. When your drain is blocked or overflowing, it can cause risks to your safety and hygiene. These blockages can cause water to back up and damage both the inside and outside of buildings, cars, or patios if you don’t quickly contact an experienced blocked stormwater plumber in Sydney

Stormwater drainage pipes are connected to the sump in your garden, which then discharges them. Tree roots, dirt, and silt can quickly clog up these stormwater drains due to their proximity to other organic matter. You’ll want an experienced professional from MPJ Plumbing in Sydney for these complicated blockages.

How do you know if your stormwater drain is blocked?

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing in Sydney for Your Blocked Stormwater Drains?

Our team is composed of highly skilled and blocked stormwater plumbers and drain experts with the latest instruments at our disposal. We always aim to provide top quality service by strictly following best practices, principles, and standards in this industry. Our experts will help you maintain your home’s plumbing fixtures quickly and professionally.

We are the leading plumbing service for all of your plumbing needs. Our team provides top quality service for any job, no matter the size. We can handle anything from basic repair at home to an extensive contract renovation project – whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on providing the best plumbing service in the area. Our team of stormwater plumbers can solve your plumbing needs quickly, with our 24/7 customer service and team of fast-thinking professionals always ready to take on any challenge.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying:

"After calling 5 different plumbers (who supposedly work after hours for emergency work), my lovely chap by the name of Peter was cheerful (it was 9 pm on a Friday) and happy to help. The toilet was gurgling and I was afraid it would overflow. He turned up within an hour. Wasn't too expensive considering the urgency. Highly recommend it to anyone who reads this."
"I called Peter to fix a leak in my kitchen sink. He was prompt and professional. Will definitely be using MPJ plumbing again and recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable plumber."
"We called Peter from MPJ Plumbing in the holidays as we had no hot water. The team found the issue with the hot water system and it was in need of replacement. The team installed a new hot water system on the same day. I highly recommend this company."
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What Causes a Stormwater Drain Blockage?

Debris in your rainwater channels can cause water to back up and flood the areas behind it. Tree roots that penetrate the pipework will eventually block them, so it is good practice to have a professional look for any signs of tree intrusion during the inspection.

Tree roots are the most common cause of damage to wastewater pipes. They enter small cracks in your plumbing system in search of nutrients and then begin to grow into more significant problems as they continue to take up space.

Blocked stormwater systems are the number one cause of plumbing problems in Sydney. A clogged toilet, sewer pipe, or sink can occur because of poor drainage on your property, so you must get an experienced professional like MPJ Plumbing Group on board to fix this issue quickly and efficiently before any other issues arise.

When you need a team of pros that can get in, get the job done, and get out, MPJ Plumbing is the answer. From minor repairs like fixing leaks and clogs to installations like new showers and enclosure bodies – we can handle it.

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Preventing Blocked Stormwater Drains with Help From Stormwater Plumbers

Blocked stormwater drains can cause a lot of damage to your home, which is why quick action can save you money and heartache. A licensed blocked stormwater plumber can prevent costly damages with regular inspections at any sign of a problem.

Prevention is the best course of action for any plumbing on your property to prevent problems from worsening over time and eventually requiring expensive repairs. Before needing the expertise of stormwater plumbers, there are many preventative measures you can put into practice that will help keep your drain working effectively, year-round.

Gutters are often overlooked, but they are essential in protecting your home from water damage. A high-quality gutter guard can prevent debris that would otherwise end up inside and cause costly repairs or, even worse, disasters like flood conditions.

Monthly maintenance of your downpipes and gutters to remove any debris blocking your Stormwater drains is essential.

Routinely watch for anything that may be blocking your downpipes. You can usually tell if there is a minor build-up by looking at them or by flushing hose water into them to clear any items lodged in these parts of the plumbing system.

Having a CCTV camera inspection from time to time is necessary to prevent water damage. A licensed stormwater plumber will determine the location and cause of blockages, or tree root invasions, that could lead to more serious problems like foundational issues or even plumbing leaks.

There are various blasters available to clear your Sydney blocked stormwater drain. A high-pressure jet can be used on leaves and other debris, while a lower pressure is great for dispelling roots or cleaning out dirt from pipes.

To avoid problems with clogs during the winter months, you must blast away any build-up before it can lead to a plumbing disaster.

Stormwater flooding is not only unsightly, but it can be hazardous and create risks for public health. If it has reached that point, call a stormwater plumber immediately. We offer 24-hour emergency services to remove any blockages in your storm drains so you won’t find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency.

Signs Your Stormwater Drain Needs Professional Stormwater Plumbers

During rain or storms is when most people notice that their Sydney stormwater drain is blocked. Storm drains are built to handle large volumes of water, but they will quickly flood if something restricts the flow.

It’s essential to call a professional stormwater plumber or drain specialist if you notice any of the following signs in your stormwater drains.

  • Water flooding onto the property
  • Surface grates flooded during heavy rains
  • Gurgling sounds coming out from downpipes.

A blocked drain can lead to pest problems as well as structural damages like foundation settlement due to the excessive pressure build-up from an extra influx of water.

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Contact Your Trusted Stormwater Plumber When in Doubt

Call a licensed plumber immediately to unclog the stormwater drainage system if you notice water pooling around your drains or damp grass areas. Plumbing technicians can provide permanent solutions for any blockages.

Sydney's Best Blocked Stormwater Drain Solutions

MPJ Plumbing in Sydney, we specialise in providing high-quality plumbing services for any drain blockage.

As a team of expert plumbers with decades’ worth of experience, we urge you to contact us if you have any questions or need advice about stormwater drains.

Our services cannot be beaten. We describe the issue in plain terms while having the knowledge and capabilities to resolve complex emergencies. Having a significant plumbing issue doesn’t need to be stressful; you can count on our expertise, tools, and technology. We use the latest tech like CCTV drain inspections so that no matter how big or small an obstruction may seem – we’ll get it taken care of quickly.

MPJ Plumbing is here to help you maintain clear and functional drains. We also offer pipe relining if your blocked stormwater pipes need repair.

If you’re dealing with the fallout of a blocked stormwater drain like flooding or rot and need help right away, give us a call at MPJ Plumbing! We offer upfront pricing on all blocked drain issues, so it’s best not to delay calling in our professionals to inspect your plumbing.

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The MPJ Plumbing Guarantee

With 25 years of experience, our blocked stormwater plumbers and leak detection specialists in Sydney have seen it all. We are an honest and reliable team that offers you the best services available on the market today. MPJ Plumbing will get your job done quickly and without the worry of issues down the line.

Service reliability

With a team of licensed and insured stormwater plumbers, you can rest assured of our team’s professionalism and the quality of the services we provide.

Value and convenience

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation for our customers where our team of stormwater plumbers inspects the problem and shares possible solutions. We share our fixed prices with customers before we start any work on the property so there are no surprises down the road.

Long-lasting solutions

MPJ Plumbing in NSW, Sydney only offers services that are guaranteed to work. Our stormwater plumbers attend weekly training meetings in order to stay up-to-date with the latest plumbing, technology, and safety regulations so we can provide the best solutions tailored specifically to you.

Customer priority

We are committed to making our customers happy. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the service, convenience, savings, and permanent solutions that MPJ Plumbing delivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blocked storm waters can cause some major plumbing problems for homeowners. When it rains or storms, water will flow into your drainage system, through the gutter on top of your pipes, then collect in pits around your property’s exterior edge, where they must pass through an outlet pipe.

Dirt, leaves, and garden debris are often the causes of blockages within this system. Though, it can also be due to sludge build-up or sediment accumulation occurring behind an obstruction in your stormwater system.

In most cases, calling a plumber like MPJ Plumbing will save you time and money. We use plunging rods and jet rodding machines to blast the blockages away and clear pipes of their obstructions.

If your pipes have a blockage or are causing overflow in the sewer line, then it’s time to call the Sydney experts at MPJ Plumbing. We have the expertise and modern technology to clear any obstructions, saving both time and money for our customers.

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If we can’t fix your blocked stormwater drain, you don’t pay! However, in our 25 years of clearing stormwater drains, there has never been a blocked stormwater drain the MPJ Plumbing team hasn’t been able to fix.

And, if our arsenal of tools cannot dislodge the blockage, we are the team of stormwater plumbers you will need to dig and replace your existing pipes. So do not hesitate to contact our professional team today!