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Any job involving gas can be complicated and dangerous. Gas repairs are simply one job best left to professionals. Attempting to fix gas problems yourself is something that can have serious health implications and even put lives at risk.

For absolute peace of mind, call MPJ Plumbing instead. Fully licensed, certified, and insured, MPJ Plumbing Gas Plumbers are recognised as the best gas plumber Sydney-wide. Our team specialises in gas plumbing both in residential and commercial spaces, with both the families and businesses of Sydney choosing MPJ to fix their gas problems.

MPJ Plumbing’s Promise to Their Customers:

MPJ Plumbing prides itself on providing the most reliable gas plumbing service in Sydney. With decades of combined experience, our dedicated plumbing team not only delivers first rate repairs and installations but also outstanding customer service too.

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Honest upfront fixed pricing

Whether you're looking for a new installation or you've got a gas emergency, we offer upfront estimates and accurate quotes upon call-out.

Lifetime workmanship warranty

All work carried out by MPJ Plumbing comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty, meaning you can rest assured of the quality of our work undertaken.

Friendly, honest & reliable

Situations involving gas can often be stressful and more than a little worrying. We alleviate this by making sure our friendly gas plumbers show up on time, every time, and offer the best honest advice.

MPJ Plumbing Provides a Full Range of Gas Plumbing Services in Sydney

MPJ Plumbing’s team of knowledgeable gas plumbers can handle any kind of gas-related problem or installation, including:

We can help get your home hooked up to Sydney’s main gas supply, connecting a residential or commercial gas line.

MPJ plumbing also offers a complete solution to make use of a fitted gas line. We can install pipework, fittings, and controls so homes and businesses can use gas safely.

Whether you’ve simply smelled gas or you have a major problem with your gas supply, MPJ can help. We can repair all gas-powered appliances and equipment, including associated pipework. We are trained to deal with leaks and safely inspect appliances such as gas metres, controls, and burners.

We offer gas BBQ connection services as well as diagnosis of problems should your grill not be functioning correctly. We can also service your BBQ and ensure the gas supply is running as it should.

Whatever type of system you’re running, MPJ plumbing are experts at the installation and repair of gas hot water products. From continuous flow gas solutions to gas-powered boosters to compliment solar systems, we can help.

If your water heater or other gas-powered device is not functioning as it should, we can use our tools and know-how to diagnose and detect faults in the system.

Our team of plumbers is able to safely install pipework to carry gas from the main gas line and around your property. Like all our work, pipe installation comes under our lifetime workmanship guarantee.

If you think you smell gas, don’t delay and call MPJ now. We can arrive promptly and discover the source of the smell and resolve any issues safely.

Whether you run a commercial restaurant or you are remodelling your kitchen, we can install gas cookers and cooktops safely giving you ongoing peace of mind.

Gas safety inspections help keep your property safe and maintain the welfare of inhabitants. We assess gas pipework, appliances, and other equipment to ensure they meet relevant Australian standards.

What is Gas Plumbing

Almost all homes in Australia will use gas in one way or another. Whether it’s for cooking or heating, or a combination of both, having a reliable source of gas makes our lives immeasurably more comfortable.

Gas plumbing, then, is the supply of gas through pipework to our homes and commercial properties. Restaurants, for example, will need gas to fire their ovens and prepare food and some homes use gas-powered heaters to deliver a continuous flow of hot water.

Gas lines provide this steady supply and are one of the most reliable amenities within our homes. In Australia, over 39,000km of gas lines deliver propane, a refined form of natural gas to our properties.

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While properly installed it is perfectly safe, a gas supply itself is extremely dangerous making DIY repairs and installations hazardous. If not installed correctly, leaks in connections and pipework can cause a concentration of gas to form which is both highly flammable and toxic. Botched DIY jobs are not just a health hazard, however, as sometimes the consequences can be fatal.

Gas plumbers know how to safely connect to gas lines and ensure equipment and fittings are installed correctly. Unlike the pipework that connects our homes to the water supply, gas work requires particular care and safety precautions.

Trained gas plumbers like the team at MPJ will keep the occupants of your property safe by following procedures designed to eliminate the risk of accidents occurring.

Gas Leaks in Sydney

If you suspect you have a gas leak within your property, it is vital that you call MPJ Plumbing or your own local gas plumbing experts immediately.

Signs you may have a gas leak include:

Gas supplied to our homes has an odorant added called Ethyl Mercaptan to help us detect leaks and notice gas when it is present.
Pipework with a crack or a connection that is not flush will produce an audible hiss as gas escapes. This can be difficult to detect but if you suspect you have discovered a leak, rub a little soapy water over the area and see if a bubble forms. If so, a leak is present.
Electronic combustible gas detectors are a cheap way to ensure your family is kept safe. They detect even small amounts of gas in the air and give you advanced warning of a leak.
A gas leak will often lead to higher gas bills, too. It’s important to factor in the difference in unit pricing, however, and, instead, look at the units used.
An intermittent pilot light in older appliances could be caused by a gas leak, interrupting the supply.
A gas leak in a property can cause houseplants to wither and die. A gas line leak outdoors can likewise result in trees and other plants no longer thriving. As plants are particularly sensitive to the presence of gas, they can serve as a good warning system in this way.

Leaking gas is something with potentially fatal consequences. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, sick, or otherwise unwell and aren’t sure why it could be due to a gas leak. Incomplete combustion can cause carbon monoxide to seep into our homes and is toxic, so it’s important to keep gas appliances serviced and get leaks professionally fixed immediately.

A gas leak is a potentially fatal issue so it’s important to take any kind of suspicion seriously. MPJ Plumbing understands the consequences of an overlooked gas leak so recommend calling us out to diagnose a problem even if you’re not sure.


Why Choose Gas as Your Source of Energy

Natural gas is an abundant resource that provides a reliable energy source within our homes and commercial properties. For this reason, an increasing amount of disconnected homes are choosing to hook up to main gas supplies with around 100,000 connections added a year.

Some of the benefits of gas include:

Often cheaper than electricity

According to Energy Networks Australia, natural gas provides the same amount of energy as electricity derived from the national grid for less than half the price.

In Sydney, the cost of a single kWh unit in 2021, for example, costs on average 27.6 cents for electricity and just 13.4 cents for gas. This is 49% cheaper.

Instant, controllable heat

Gas is oftentimes more suitable for modern commercial and household usage than electricity. When cooking, for example, electric induction produces heat that takes time to respond. Gas, however, reacts instantly and is a direct heat source. Turn down the gas supply on a cooktop and the amount of heat delivered is immediately reduced.

Similarly, with heating, instant, continuous flow water heaters powered by gas do not run out of hot water and do not require pre-heating. This makes gas a more suitable solution for those with lifestyles where they won't know when they'll need hot water.

Lower greenhouse emissions than grid electric

Australian gas is delivered through pipelines with an emission rating of 0.185 kg of carbon dioxide. This is 75% lower than the carbon dioxide emissions of grid electricity. In Sydney, grid electricity is delivered with 0.81 kg of CO2 emissions as a result, making gas a cleaner option.

The Lowdown On Getting Gas Installed to Your Property in Sydney


Check if your home is eligible

Not every home can be connected by a gas line. If you see gas metres in the front gardens of your neighbourhood, it’s likely your area is viable, however. You can use the Go Natural Gas website to check or contact MPJ Plumbing who can advise.


Contact a gas supplier

Next, you’ll want to contact a gas supplier who will discuss your options when it comes to installing a gas metre and installing the necessary pipework. MPJ Plumbing is qualified to conduct this work and can be contracted to connect your home and install a metre. You can find the best energy supplier for you using a comparison website such as >GoSwitch



Once your home or property is safely hooked up to the main gas supply, we will then begin running copper pipework throughout. This delivers gas around your property, concealed within wall cavities or under flooring. We then connect this to appliances such as water heating units, BBQs, stoves, and dryers.

MPJ Plumbing Can Help You With Installing a Gas Hot Water System Now That Your Property Is Connected to Gas

One of the biggest advantages to having your home connected to a gas supply is being able to utilise a gas-powered hot water system. These systems provide hot water on demand, heating water by units burning gas and transferring heat directly before arriving at a tap or other outlet.

As well as gas installations, MPJ Plumbing provide hot water system installations in Sydney for both commercial and residential properties. We can help you decide which system is best for your circumstance and get the best value for money possible. Our advice is obligation free so get in touch now.

What Locations Does MPJ Plumbing Service in Sydney

MPJ Plumbing’s team are all Sydney locals, meaning we go that extra mile for our customers and can get to your property quickly, especially in emergency situations. Our areas of cover include:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St George
  • Inner West
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • North Sydney
  • Northern Beaches

MPJ Plumbing offers emergency gas fitting services across Sydney. To reap the benefits of gas-powered energy in your home and start saving money, contact us now.

Not All Plumbers are Licensed Gas Plumbers

It’s important to note that some gas fitters and plumbers are not qualified to conduct all gas works. Using unlicensed gas plumbers can put your property and family’s welfare at risk.

The team at MPJ Plumbing are all qualified, licensed, and insured gas plumbers with the experience to tackle all jobs. Whether it’s gas fittings, gas installation, repairs, or advice, we help both commercial and residential properties utilise gas energy safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, some plumbers are not qualified to conduct certain gas work. Most gas plumbing jobs require specialist knowledge that requires a license issued by authorities. Be sure to use MPJ Plumbing if in Sydney to ensure you remain in safe hands.
You can request to see their gas work license which permits them to conduct gas plumbing work on your property. This will prove they know how to conduct gas installations and repairs safely and you can be sure the work will not endanger your property or occupants.

You can use the Go Natural Gas website to check if gas is available in your area. MPJ Plumbing are also happy to discuss your options with you, so get in touch today.