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Instant Hot Water Systems Sydney

While most homes rely on storage tanks for their hot water, there is now a more efficient and cost-effective solution on the market called an Instant Hot Water System.

An instant hot water system involves no tank and simply warms water as and when you need it. Most systems can handle upwards of 10-30 litres of water per minute making them suitable for all household purposes including showering, doing the dishes, and filling a bathtub.

Most systems work by allowing heat to pass from a submerged heat exchanger to a steady supply of water before reaching your tap. This means only a small amount of water at any one time is being heated rather than needing to heat an entire tank of water.

The result is instant, on-demand hot water that does not run out. Even in large homes or commercial properties, the use of multiple instant hot water systems can eliminate the need for a water tank and can save a considerable amount of money in the long run by only heating and using water as and when you need it

MPJ Plumbing instant hot water system installation and specialists in Sydney

Here at MPJ Plumbing, we have over 25 years of experience providing plumbing solutions to the people of Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Thanks to our first-class team of expert technicians, we have gained a reputation as one of Sydney’s most trusted plumbing services.

As well as providing 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance, MPJ Plumbing also specialises in installing and repairing gas hot water systems with thousands of happy customers to date.


MPJ Plumbing’s promise to their customers

MPJ Plumbing takes its responsibility to customers seriously. Now a well-known service in the Sydney area, we promise to deliver a friendly, honest, and reliable service. We offer honest upfront pricing with estimates provided prior to callouts.

Our technicians are all fully licensed, each with a wealth of experience providing plumbing solutions. Whether it’s a blocked drain or you’re looking to upgrade your hot water system, our experts provide professional and fast repairs and installations

Unlike other companies, we also guarantee on-time arrival, with our plumbers turning up as arranged without fail.

Why people are switching to an instant hot water system

There are four distinct advantages to choosing an instant hot water system and replacing your traditional water storage tank:

Unlimited supply of hot water

With water storage systems, heavy use, large amounts of sediment build-up, and having too small a tank can often lead to showers cut short and long-waits for water to reheat.

With instant hot water systems heating on-demand, this is not a worry. Most systems can output more than enough hot water to meet household or even commercial demands, heating water as it is used rather than ahead of time.

Save energy and money

Only heating water as you use it means you do not heat water unnecessarily. The benefits of this are twofold: you use less energy which, in turn, saves you money on energy bills.

With an instant hot water system, there is no need to keep an entire storage tank of water up to temperature. These systems use electricity or gas to simply transfer heat directly to the water prior to it arriving at your tap.

As well as reducing your expenses, this also lowers your household CO2 output. The systems are typically a lot more durable than water tanks and they feature much lower gas emissions.

Cleaner water

One of the problems with water tanks is that they can often harbour bacteria, rust, and large amounts of mineral sediment that build up over time

Instant hot water systems avoid this problem as the water is not stored. This means the supply of water is fresher and cleaner from instant hot water systems, with no chance for bacteria to develop.

More convenient

Customers also find instant hot water systems to be a lot more convenient. There is never any downtime in the hot water supply meaning you always have a source ready to use.

It is also more convenient when it comes to space. Instant hot water systems are a lot smaller than hot water tanks and look a lot more modern. These fit in a lot better with modern homes and decor, as well as providing the ability to use either gas or electric depending on which is more convenient in your location.

What to consider when choosing an instant hot water system

While instant hot water systems are an ideal replacement for water tanks, there are some considerations you need to bear in mind:

Different Models of instant hot water systems have varying flow rates. This refers to the rate of hot water that the unit can output, typically measured in litres per minute.

Most instant hot water systems can output at least 10 litres of hot water a minute. While this is suitable for single-person or low-use households, busier homes or commercial properties will be better suited looking at higher-end models that can output upwards of 30 litres per minute.

Instant hot water systems are a lot smaller than traditional water tanks and so can be fitted in alternative locations.

If you’re interested in switching to an instant hot water system you should consider where you would like the unit to be situated. This will ideally be somewhere close to a gas or electric supply as well as an existing water source.

You should also consider what sort of energy you want to power your instant hot water system. While gas models are the most popular, electric models are available for properties without an available gas supply or want to take advantage of stored solar energy, for example.

Larger homes will likely need more than one unit or a higher-end model if intending to use multiple sources of hot water simultaneously.

The number of units you need depends on your expected demand for hot water and – if opting for an electric unit – the type of electricity supply in your home.

Most homes have a single-phase supply but some larger and commercial properties will have a 3-phase electricity supply. While a single-phase 13kw unit, for example, would likely be enough for a couple living alone, it would not be enough for some workplaces or households with multiple occupants.

MPJ Plumbing’s team of experts can help advise you on what solutions are available depending on your situation.

Common instant hot water system repair problems MPJ Plumbing tends to in Sydney

While most Sydney households enjoy soft water, some mineral buildup can still occur over a long enough period of time.

These mineral deposits can cause minor blockages within the hot water system and prevent hot water from reaching the tap or showerhead.

MPJ Plumbing recommends pre-emptively resolving problems and booking a professional flush and clean of your system every 12 months.

Instant hot water systems can also produce water that is too hot if the inlet filter is not regularly cleaned. MPJ Plumbing can perform this maintenance as part of a recommended routine service on your system.

Should you discover your instant hot water system has no pilot light, this could indicate disruption to your gas supply or an inadequate water flow.

If other gas appliances within your home work correctly, try turning the hot water tap at least halfway. If a moderate or high water flow still does not cause the pilot light to ignite, professional advice is recommended.

While a small amount of cold water is to be expected before hot water begins to flow, a cold blast in the middle of a shower could indicate other problems such as a failed part or inadequate flow rate.

Diagnosing the cause of these issues can be difficult. MPJ Plumbing can help you determine whether your tankless hot water system is broken or in need of an upgrade.

Gas-powered instant hot water systems need a supply of air for combustion as well as venting fumes. Some units will indicate this via a system message, others will simply cease to work correctly.

In either case, you should contact MPJ Plumbing to fix your system to ensure it is safe for you and others on your property.

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MPJ Plumbing can install, replace and repair instant hot water system brands including:

With our hydro-jet, we can quickly clear a range of common drain blockages like:





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For nearly three decades, MPJ Plumbing has been a trusted provider of plumbing services to Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MPJ Plumbing provides a 24-hour emergency plumbing service, including call outs for hot water system emergencies such as scalding water, or no hot water at all.

Absolutely, not only does the reduction in energy usage help lower your household bills but it helps towards fighting climate change. Tankless heaters typically use anywhere up to 34% less water a day, meaning your water usage will go down too.

The average Australian household will use around 220 litres of water per day. If opting for an electric instant hot water system, this would take around 9-12kw of electricity to heat.

Gas-powered instant hot was systems are typically more economic and have lower CO2 emissions if using a high-rated, energy-efficient model.

No. While many instant hot water systems use gas as a fuel source, these still require electricity to function. This is because the internal circuitry, ignition, and thermostat all require electricity to function.

In order to prevent problems from mineral buildup, MPJ Plumbing recommends booking a flush of your system once a year. This prevents corrosion within the instant hot water system that can occur even in soft water areas.