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Rheem Hot Water System

Hot water systems are one of the home’s most essential facilities. From the kitchen to the bathroom, hot water is not just a convenience but is essential to our overall well-being providing us with the ability to clean, heat, cook, and relax. For over 80 years, Rheem has been manufacturing water heating solutions for Australian homes and businesses and is now the nation’s number one choice of hot water systems.

As with any type of hot water system, over time Rheem systems may occasionally develop faults and a repair may be necessary. For over 25 years, MPJ Plumbing has been providing Sydney and the surrounding areas with plumbing installations, repairs, and gas services with expert knowledge of Rheem hot water system installation and maintenance.

MPJ Plumbing Can Install or Replace Your Rheem Hot Water System in Sydney

Here at MPJ Plumbing Hot Water, we are registered and authorised Rheem hot water system specialists. With decades of combined experience, our team of experts can install or replace Rheem hot water systems in any sort of property, both commercial and residential.

Over our time serving the households and companies of Sydney, we have gained an outstanding reputation for high-quality workmanship and customer service. As one of Sydney’s most trusted plumbing teams, we make the repair and installation process as easy and hassle-free as possible.


If you’re looking to install, replace, or repair your Rheem hot water system, choosing MPJ Plumbing means you can expect:

Fully licenced plumbing team

Zero-obligation estimates given over the phone

Lifetime workmanship guarantee on all our installations

24/7 emergency plumbing service for peace of mind


Why Go With Rheem for Your Hot Water System in Sydney?

Established in 1939, Rheem is one of Australia’s best-known companies. Known not only for the “Steady, Hot, & Strong” jingle, Rheem has also developed an outstanding reputation for engineering hot water systems ideally suited for Australian households.

Catering to both the domestic and commercial markets, Rheem’s systems come in both electric and gas varieties, with sustainable options now available that harness renewable energy such as solar gain. Catering to the multitude of different Australian locales, Rheem’s system cover all bases with continuous flow, heat pump, and storage solutions available.

Rheem hot water systems are known for their reliability even in the harshest climates, providing hot water all year round.

Types of Rheem Hot Water System Available:

Rheem’s wide variety of hot water systems means they have a solution for all properties and use-cases. Their most popular solutions include

Rheem’s electric-based hot water systems come in both tank and tankless forms. Tank systems run mains electricity through a heating element to produce hot water within high-capacity tanks ready for use. Tankless systems heat water instantly and provide a continuous flow.

Advancements in the efficiency and performance of electric systems mean they represent a good balance between value, performance, and feature-set, coming with tools such as auto water shutoff valves and WiFi for smart home integration.

Rheem also provides both tank and tankless gas-powered hot water systems. These use LPG or natural gas and either pre-heat storage tanks of water ready for use or provide continuous, on-demand hot water via condensing units.

Most gas hot water systems will require a main supply of gas to be installed, with select products compatible with LPG cylinders.

Rheem’s gas systems rely on main supply lines of propane or natural gas and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They also have a select line of LPG cylinder-powered products for remote locations outside of standard gas infrastructure.

Rheem has a large selection of instant hot water systems on offer powered by both gas or electric. Rather than storing water in a tank and then heating it prior to use, instant hot water systems heat water as it is needed. Electric solutions use high-powered heat exchanging hardware to produce hot water quickly while gas-powered solutions use condensing technology to heat water with high-powered flames while bumping up temperatures with condensed water vapour and air.

Both solutions are efficient and suitable for many home and commercial applications. MPJ Plumbing can help advise you on whether an instant hot water system would work within your property.

Innovators for over 80 years, Rheem is also leading the way in hybrid water heating combining a heat pump system with gas and electricity to produce incredibly efficient hot water solutions. Depending on the model, these come with a host of advanced features too including WiFi connectivity, touch-screen controls, and offer 4x the efficiency of standard solutions.

Rheem also has solar-powered hot water systems on offer to help properties make use of free, renewable energy. As a company committed to becoming as sustainable as possible, Rheem’s solar systems are some of the most advanced in the world and can provide considerable cost and carbon savings.

These systems absorb heat through specialised tubes and panels that are then used to pre-heat water in a storage tank. These can provide an ample supply of hot water even in cloudier conditions, and can quite easily meet household demands when used in conjunction with a hot water booster.

What Rheem Hot Water System Can Mpj Plumbing Install and Repair in Sydney?

As one of Australia’s leading plumbing groups, MPJ Plumbing can install and repair all major Rheem hot water systems. This includes storage tank hot water systems, tankless and hybrid solutions as well as solar heating options.

Amongst other systems, MPJ Plumbing can install and repair the following:

  • Rheem 4/5 Star Tank gas Systems
  • Rheem Prestige/Platinum hybrid water systems
  • Rheem Performance/Platinum Condensing Units
  • Rheem Stellar 330/360 gas storage heater
  • Rheem 135L/170L gas indoor storage heater
  • Rheem 135L outdoor gas storage heater
  • Rheem single/twin element electric heater systems
  • Rheem Stellar stainless steel single/twin element systems

These systems come in a variety of different tank sizes and model variants with various features and extras that mean your hot water system can be tailored specifically for your home or business and budget.

For advice on the installation or repair of Rheem hot water systems, call MPJ Plumbing now on: (02) 9053 8741.

Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems

Rheem electric hot water systems come in sizes that can cater to a wide variety of use cases and are recommended for properties without a ready supply of gas. Rheem has on offer small units that hold as little as 25-80 litres within a tank, with large capacity tanks that can hold over 400 litres of water at a time.

Small units are ideal for single occupancy properties where large amounts of hot water are not needed, whereas the high-capacity storage solutions are ideal for commercial properties or households of 4 or more people when demand is higher.

Rheem also has instant hot water systems available that heat water at the point of use. This means you only use as much energy and water as you need making them especially efficient in low-demand situations.

The Rheem dualTEMP range provides full temperature hot water for the demands of the kitchen and the laundry with the safety of 50°C hot water for bathrooms and ensuites.

For multi-purpose environments, Rheem also has its dualTEMP range of products that come in sizes upwards of 315 litres. The dualTEMP range of electric water systems allows 70° water to be delivered to kitchens and laundry facilities while providing a safer, 50° supply to bathrooms and toilets.

The Rheem dualTEMP range comes with:

  • 1-year labour warranty on the cylinder
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations
  • 12-year cylinder warranty

The Stellar Electric Stainless Steel range is another great option, using non-corrosive cylinders to provide energy and cost-saving benefits to properties. These systems can make use of off-peak electricity hours, storing heat efficiently until later use, with power savings of around ⅓.

Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems

Rheem’s gas hot water systems are rated highly the world over for their reliability and efficiency. They come in both tank and continuous supply.

Storage tank options range in size from 90-litre solutions to over 160 litres with everything in between. With gas supplies being a ready source of energy for a lot of properties, gas water storage systems are one of the most reliable systems on offer, with less interruption to the hot water supply.

These systems make use of highly insulated tanks that keep water hotter for longer. With 5-star ratings across the range, these are suitable for households of 5 or more people when a regular hot water supply is necessary all day long.

Rheem also has on offer 6-star, highly efficient boiler and condensing units that provide a continuous flow of water. These can deliver as much as 26 litres of hot water a minute without interruption, and feature safety measures such as Flamesafe® overheat protection that shuts down the supply immediately should the unlikely event of overheating occur.

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Why Australians Choose Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems

With propane and natural gas being such readily available sources of energy in Sydney, its surrounding areas, and beyond, Rheem gas hot water systems stand as one of the company’s most popular products.

As well as the reliability of the energy supply, modern Rheem gas systems are incredibly efficient, preserving heat in tank systems and using low amounts of fuel in condensing units. These all help reduce the overall carbon footprint of a household with Rheem committed to revolutionizing gas systems yet further in the future.

Some of the main features of Rheem’s gas systems include

Benefits of Rheem’s Stellar Range of Products

Available in sizes from 80 litres to 315 litres, Rheem’s Stellar range of electric and gas water heaters use high-quality stainless steel tank interiors to perform 12-24% better than minimum standards. These can provide up to an enormous 360 litres of water an hour meaning they can meet even the largest of household’s water demands.

These tanks also do without sacrificial anodes, meaning they last longer and need less maintenance than other types of systems available.

Stellar models come with a 10/12-year warranty on the cylinder including a 1-year parts warranty for domestic uses.

Rheem Solar Hot Water System Range

For households looking to lower their carbon footprint, Rheem also has a range of solar products available. These are:

  • Loline Range
  • Hiline Range

These systems harness the sun’s natural radiation to heat water naturally, without burning fossil fuels. This means smaller energy bills for you and zero impact on the environment.

The Loline range combines a large-capacity storage tank with frost-proof solar panels that transfer heat to the stored water.

The Premier Hiline range is a close-coupled system that combines the tank and panels for improved heating efficiency. These are suitable for larger structures where roof mounting is suitable.

Both Rheem’s Loline and Hiline range come in Premier variants sporting better heat transfer, higher capacities and more advanced features.

These systems can also be used in conjunction with gas or electric booster systems to ensure the hot water supply is never interrupted even on cloudy and cool days.


3 Reasons to Consider Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

Innovative technology ensures your solar hot water system is of the highest quality and one of the most energy-efficient hot water systems on the market. You’ll make long-term savings on your energy bill, aside from lowering your impact on the environment or carbon footprint. The systems have either an electric or gas booster; meaning you’ll always have a good supply of hot water regardless of extreme weather changes.

With the wholesale price of energy going ever upwards, it is smart of households to make use of renewable energy sources. With a ready supply of sunshine available in Sydney and nearby areas, solar power is a sensible choice that provides free water heating without the release of harmful emissions.

This results in:

Long-term savings

Most solar hot weather systems will last upwards of 20-25 years and recoup their installation and material costs within a decade. This means your household can make use of free energy for the majority of the hot water system’s lifespan.

Lower carbon footprint

Solar hot water systems do not cause any emissions. With the average Australian household’s hot water system contributing as much as 25% towards their overall emissions, a solar solution can help you do your bit towards tackling climate change.

Cost-effective installations

Installing solar hot water systems is often no more expensive than that of a standard gas or electric system. Combined with energy savings, they are cost-effective when compared to traditional solutions.

Rheem Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

An option for properties that require unbroken, uninterrupted supplies of hot water is continuous flow hot water systems. These systems are highly efficient, heating small amounts of water at a time, and delivering it as and when it is needed. This can save a lot of energy in situations where hot water demand is irregular, meaning a storage tank of hot water does not go to waste. Electric options are installed at the point of use and gas solutions can deliver to multiple water outlets at once. These hot water systems come with Rheem’s famed extended warranty systems and are highly efficient options for a multitude of use-cases. If you’re unsure if a continuous flow hot water system is right for you, get in touch with MPJ Plumbing and one of our expert advisors will be happy to talk you through your options.

MPJ Plumbing’s Emergency Hot Water Plumbing Service

MPJ Plumbing has proudly been serving the Sydney area for decades, with a reputation for fast and reliable service, especially in emergencies. We offer an emergency plumbing service that will have an expert plumber with you swiftly, saving your property and family from harm.

Amongst other areas, we provide emergency plumbing services to the following:

Contact MPJ Plumbing Group Now

Whether it’s an emergency situation, Rheem hot water system installation and maintenance, or you just want someone to look over your plumbing or drainage, contact MPJ Plumbing now. We are ever-ready and eager to solve your plumbing issue and operate in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Whatever the problem, we have the tools and expertise to help. Send us an email (info@mpjplumbing.com.au) or give us a call now (02) 9053 8741.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the frequency of service, and water conditions, Rheem gas hot water systems typically last between 5 and 15 years. Providing your Rheem gas hot water system is serviced and maintained regularly, most systems will last upwards of 10 years. More expensive variants such as the Stellar or Premium range are likely to last 20+ years under the same conditions.
Tankless systems are ideal for some households, especially those that need a continuous, ready supply of hot water all day long. Modern units are extremely energy efficient and can be installed in tighter spots than water storage tanks. To assess whether a tankless water heater is suitable for your property, give MPJ Plumbing a call and arrange a visit from one of our plumbing experts who can advise further.
Tankless water heaters include a variety of components and parts that can become worn or need repair over time. Diagnosis and servicing are recommended and are services that MPJ Plumbing can provide.