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The number of properties in Australia getting hooked up to natural gas is growing every year. Not only is natural gas an incredibly reliable energy source that can be used to heat water, our homes, and cook with, but it is also more cost-efficient and better for the environment than most electricity sources.

For households and businesses in Sydney looking to get connected, MPJ Plumbing are the go-to gas installation experts, with thousands of happy customers to our name. As industry leaders specialising in natural gas connection, we know exactly what setup is right for you and offer fast and friendly gas installations Sydney-wide.

MPJ Plumbings Promise To Their Customers:

With years of experience helping both residential and commercial customers in Sydney, MPJ Plumbing has earned a reputation as one of the city’s most trusted businesses. Our focus on putting the customer first in all our dealings means you can expect honest prices, quality workmanship, and timely completion.

Honest, upfront, fixed pricing

Having successfully unblocked, repaired, installed, diagnosed, and advised thousands of customers, our team of experts are able to offer upfront estimate quotes over the phone. Upon inspection, one of our plumbing technicians can then give a more accurate quote to help you budget.

Lifetime workmanship warranty

All of MPJ Plumbing’s work comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty. This means any work completed by us on both residential and commercial properties can be expected to last. Should any problems arise, you can get in touch and expect the matter to be resolved promptly.

Friendly, honest & reliable

From your initial phone call to job completion, you can expect our staff to be reliable, honest, and friendly without sacrificing professionality.

24/7 Priority Sydney service

Our team are Sydney-based plumbers and takes pride in serving their local businesses and neighbours. As Sydney locals, our plumbers are always nearby and on hand ready to help.

Local, licensed, and insured professionals

All of our plumbing team are fully qualified, licensed and insured, with decades of experience between them giving them the know-how to get the job done.

Why Choose Gas as an Energy Source

As our homes become increasingly energy demanding, there’s a pressing need for reliable energy sources to make up shortfalls. As an abundant resource, natural gas is a mainstay of the world’s global energy production. It is prized for being a flexible, dependable energy source that can work great in tandem with renewable solutions.

Gas demand is growing, especially in Sydney and New South Wales, making up 75% of new connections each year as property owners look to save money and get a reliable energy service.

Here are several good reasons Australians are turning to natural gas and require the services of a gas installation plumber such as MPJ Plumbing:

For most households in Sydney and wider Australia, natural gas provides far more affordable energy than grid electricity.

In fact, in most regions, an equivalent unit of natural gas costs less than half that of electricity. For Sydney residents, electricity is supplied to New South Wales for an average of 27.6 cents per kWh. The same amount of energy by natural gas can be supplied to a home for just 13.4 cents.

This is because, unlike electricity, the more gas appliances you have in your home, the more savings you tend to observe. Natural gas appliances have lower running costs and can have long-term cost-saving benefits.

This story is repeated throughout Australia, with almost all households and businesses able to save hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills by getting connected to natural gas.

Natural gas is far more reliable than electricity which suffers from occasional (to regular) blackouts in power, disrupting your home life or business operations.

With gas infrastructure largely underground and highly resilient, it is not subject to the same outages that the electric grid suffers. With natural weather conditions and peak usage able to shut down electricity, it has sometimes left hundreds of thousands of Australians incapable of heating their water, their homes, or cooking their food.

Natural gas, however, suffers just one outage, on average, every forty years. This unprecedented level of reliability is simply unmatched by both grid and renewable electricity sources.

For peace of mind and ensure your property has an energy supply in any circumstance, contact MPJ Plumbing today.

Stoves and BBQS powered by natural gas are also far more responsive than their electric counterparts.

When subjecting your cooking to a direct heat source, such as a cooktop, almost all chefs and experienced cooks will agree that a gas burner will produce a better result than an induction coil. Whereas electric cooktops take time to heat up and respond to changes in temperature setting, gas is instant.

A gas ring will apply direct, instantaneous heat to saucepans and skillets, with heat reduction reacting far quicker than electric. Gas is also more highly regarded when baking, with ovens reaching temperatures far quicker. Gas temperature can also be adjusted with fine control with analogue controls whereas electricity tends to be more limited in settings.

Despite being a fossil fuel, natural gas is a surprisingly clean energy source, producing significantly few emissions than grid electricity, by around 75%. Not only that, but natural gas currently meets around 44% of Australian homes’ energy needs, but produces just 13% of these properties’ emissions.

The natural gas supplied through Australia’s 39,000 km long network of gas lines can produce a kWh of energy and only produce around 0.185kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions when delivered to Sydney and New South Wales. Grid electricity, however, emits considerably more, around 0.8kg to generate the same amount of energy.

While natural gas is often sat alongside the likes of coal and oil, its unique chemical composition means the emissions from its use are far lower. In comparison to coal, natural gas emits around 50-60% less CO2 than the energy produced from even a brand new coal plant.

This is because natural gas is primarily methane that has a denser energy to CO2 content than other fuel types. The higher this ratio of energy to CO2, the cleaner the fossil fuel.

To the average Australian household or business, this means they can take advantage of a cleaner fossil fuel immediately to heat their water and property. A hot water system powered by natural gas, for instance, emits the same amount of CO2 as that of a system which relies equally on both renewable and grid-based electricity, produced by burning coal.

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The Steps Involved In Installing Gas In Commercial and Residential Properties In Sydney

Getting connected to natural gas is a lot easier than you may think. MPJ Gas Plumbers are specialists in gas installation and can help with advice and workmanship at all stages of the process.

Before any work can commence, it’s important to check whether natural gas is available in your area. This can be easily achieved by visiting the Go Natural Gas website where you can enter your address and be told if a supply is available.

You may also notice gas meters in front of the properties in your local area. This can be another indicator that gas can be supplied to your property.

After confirming gas can be supplied to your property, you will need to ensure you have a gas meter installed.

If your home or business does not currently have a gas meter installed, you will need to lodge a request for a connection to be established with your local authorities and energy supplier. This involves running a gas pipe from the main gas line towards your property where the meter can regulate your supply.

In Sydney, natural gas is provided by Jemena who can help get a meter installed should need one.

With a meter ready installed, MPJ Plumbing will then run lengths of copper pipe from this source around your home, powering it with gas.

This pipework will lie under flooring and within other concealed spaces to appliance points within your property. These include stoves, cooktops, hot water heats, gas fires, and BBQs. Cost is based on the number of points installed and the amount of pipework necessary. However, the more gas is used within a home, the bigger the cost savings.

After installation, your local MPJ Plumbing expert will perform checks and ensure the supply is 100% safe. Gas can then be used to power the appliance within your home.

How Can You Locate Your Home’s Natural Gas Metre In Sydney?

Gas meters record the amount of natural gas that a property consumes. The location of a gas meter differs between areas and property types. However, most homes in Sydney will find their gas meter either by their front porch or at the rear of the property, on the back wall.

Disused gas meters are often overlooked by property owners, but they can usually be found near your electricity meter, sometimes inside in the case of older buildings or apartments.

What Happens If Natural Gas Is Unavailable In My Area?

In areas where it’s not possible to install natural gas, most property owners opt to use renewable and grid-based electricity.

MPJ Plumbing can help advise with the installation of LPG bottled gas solutions, however, which is a reliable alternative to natural gas. Our expert team is knowledgeable on gas laws regarding Sydney properties, contact us today to find out more.

Locations MPJ Plumbing Service In Sydney

Our areas of service include:
  • Sydney CBD
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MPJ Plumbing Offer Emergency Gas Installation Services Across Sydney

Serving both our residential and commercial neighbours with pride, MPJ Plumbing covers the entirety of Sydney as well as the surrounding areas. With our team all based in the local areas, someone is always on hand, 24/7 to provide Sydney emergency plumbing services.

Contact MPJ Plumbing now for fast and friendly gas installation and begin reaping the cost savings of natural gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural gas is an extremely flammable substance that can not only explode if mishandled but is also toxic when allowed to concentrate. DIY gas installations are not only illegal but put yourself and those around you in considerable danger.

Don’t take the risk and call MPJ Plumbing instead.

Gas regulators lower the pressure of a gas supply to become suitable for an appliance. Regulators take the main supply of gas and slow it down so only an adequate and safe amount is provided to be burnt by an appliance such as a cooktop.

Only qualified, licensed gas plumbers can safely handle gas fitting work. Licensed gas plumbers in New South Wales will be able to present a gas compliance certificate to prove they are legally allowed to conduct gas fitting work.

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the gas meter and the supplying gas line are not damaged and in serviceable condition. If your gas meter requires repair, contact your energy supplier who can help advise how to proceed.