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Leaking Taps Repairs Sydney

Do you have a leaking or dripping tap in your home or business? You need to call a plumber in Sydney immediately. Most people consider leaking taps as a minor plumbing issue and only realise how destructive they can be when it costs them thousands of dollars in property repairs and water bills. If you need a leaky tap fixed, call MPJ Plumbing today! 

We are plumbing specialists serving Sydney residents and surrounding suburbs. We provide a range of plumbing services, including leaking taps repairs, and our services are available to both commercial and residential customers. 

We understand the damages that leaking and dripping taps can cause to your property. If the leak is not fixed in a timely matter, it will cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why we strive to offer same day leaking tap repair services.  

Our Leaking Tap Repair Services 

We can handle all types of leaky taps here in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If you have any of these taps leaking, contact and our team will be at your place within a short time. 

  • Leaking shower taps 
  • Leaking bathroom taps 
  • Mixer leaking taps 
  • Leaking toilet taps 
  • Kitchen taps  

What Is Causing Your Taps to Leak? 

Fixing a leaking tap permanently is only possible if the problem is diagnosed correctly. There are many factors that could be causing your taps to leak, and they include: 

Bad O-Ring 

The biggest cause of leaks in most taps we handle is a damaged or worn-out O-ring. This is a small ring that hold a tap’s handle in place. If it gets damaged or worn out, the tap will start leaking. Our plumbers will replace it to stop the leak permanently. 

Corroded Valve Seat 

The valve seat is the part that connects the tap and the sprout. It is part of the compression mechanism, and once it gets damaged by the corrosion, it weakens and will cause leaking through the sprout. The sediment build-up in the valve seat area is the main cause of the corrosion and deterioration. We can fix the problem or recommend a replacement if the damage is irreparable.  

High Water Pressure 

Most people don’t know that their taps could be leaking, not because they are faulty but because of a high water pressure problem. Our plumbers will first check the pressure of your water to ensure that it’s not causing the leak. If it is, the solution is to reduce the water pressure. 

Broken Washers 

Broken washers are probably the biggest cause of taps leaks. Washers rest against the valve seat, and over time, they get worn out because of friction. The corrosion of the valve seat also increases the rate of washer wear. Replacement of washers is the only solution. 

Improper Washer Installation 

The reason your tap is leaking could be because the previous plumber did not install washers correctly. If your tap washers were installed recently, our plumbers will check whether they are properly installed. If not, we will correct the problem. 

These are just some of the major causes of leaking taps. Our plumbers are experienced in diagnosing the causes and providing permanent solutions. 

How We Fix Leaking Taps 

MPJ Plumbing technicians are professional and follow all the recommended steps to ensure quality services. Our procedures ensure zero damages to the property when fixing leaking taps. This is how we can fix your leaky taps: 

Diagnose the Problem

Our plumbers always start with assessing and diagnosing the problem. They will ask you questions that will help identify the problem fast, such as when the leaking started and whether it happens all the time.  

Cut Off Tap Water Supply  

If we identify the problem is not water pressure, to avoid flooding the house we will first deactivate the water. This can be done at the nearest gate valve to ensure the rest of the property still has water supply.  

Repair the Problem 

With the water supply to the tap cut, our plumbers will fix the problem and restore the tap. They will then turn on the water and inspect the work to confirm the leak has stopped.  

Why Choose Us?

As professional plumbers in Sydney, here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us: 

  • Fully licensed and insured 
  • 24/7 emergency and general plumbing services 
  • Latest leak detection equipment  
  • Upfront services
  • Same day services 
  • Guarantee of workmanship 
  • Highly experienced plumbers 

For all your leaking tap problems in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, contact MPJ Plumbing. Our plumbers are always available to provide quality, durable and affordable services. Call us today!