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Roof & Gutter Repairs Sydney

At MPJ Plumbing, we are roof & gutter repair specialists with over 25 years of combined experience. We provide plumbing services to Sydney residents and surrounding suburbs. Our objective is to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition before the storm season starts. 

MPJ Plumbing technicians are skilled and experienced in handling all types of roof and gutter repairs. We have invested in advanced tools and equipment to ensure fast and reliable repair services. 

Why You Should Repair Your Roof and Gutters 

The importance of gutter and roof repairs cannot be overstated. A small clog in the gutters will restrict the flow of stormwater, and this could result in leaks. The damages caused by such leaks could cost you thousands of dollars to fix. With repairs, you can avoid or reduce such costs. 

Did you know that having a leak can cause electrical faults? Well, this is true. If the leak finds its way into the house, it might leak over your wiring or electrical appliances. This can be dangerous to the occupants and could damage your appliances. 

Aside from leaks, leaves and bird droppings can also damage to your roof and sometimes the fascia. You need a plumber to get rid of such debris to keep your roof in perfect condition. Call the MPJ Plumbing team if you notice unusual spots on the roof. 

How MPJ Plumbing Can Help 

We can help fix both gutter and roof problems. The most common gutter and roof repairs our plumbers can handle include: 

Clogged Gutters 

Gutters are mostly clogged by leaves and sediment that accumulates inside the gutter. The clog restricts stormwater flow and this may result in leaks due to gutter overflow. We can help clear your gutters off any obstruction. 

Sagging Gutters 

This is a common problem with aging gutters and roofs. The gutters can become loose particularly due to damaged ferrules. We can help fix sagging gutters as well as gutters pulling away from the house. 

Leaking Gutters 

Gutters can also develop holes. This is a big problem with aging gutters. Call us, and we will help fix the leaking holes or cracks.  

Gutter replacement 

If your gutters are too damaged to repair or some are missing, our plumbing technicians are experienced in all types of gutter replacements. 

Clogged Downpipes 

Another common problem with stormwater drainage is clogged downpipes collecting water from gutters. It can be clogged by sediment and leaves building up. We can help fix it. 

Roof Leaks 

If your roof is leaking, contact us immediately. The damages caused by leaks can be detrimental to your property’s structure. Roof leaks are usually caused by the build-up of plant debris that prevents rainwater flow to the gutters. 

Cracks on the roof can also be the reason for stormwater leaks. The other major cause of roof leaks are holes left by removed antennas or missing shingles. MPJ Plumbing technicians can help repair roof leaks. 

Other Roof and Gutter Services MPJ Plumbing Offer 

Aside from repairing roofs and gutters, we also offer other services. Contact us if you need any of these services: 

Gutter and Roof Maintenance 

Checking the condition of your roof and gutter even when there are no signs of damage is crucial. It will help you get rid of problems early before they can start causing damage to your property. Our plumbers will perform thorough maintenance at an affordable cost. 

Roof Inspection Services 

If you have a feeling that your roof is not in perfect condition or you are not sure whether it can handle the approaching storm season, contact us for inspection services. We will recommend the most effective solutions. 

Gutter and Roof Restoration 

For roofs and gutters that are worn beyond repair or badly damaged, call the MPJ team for restoration services. Our team will provide the most cost-effective and long-lasting restoration solutions.  

Emergency Services 

If you have a gutter or roof repair that needs to be handled immediately, call us for emergency services. Our plumbers are always on standby 24/7 to handle all plumbing emergencies. 

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing 

There are many reasons why we are your number one choice of roof and gutter specialists in Sydney including: 

  • Certified professionals 
  • Licenced and insured 
  • On-time appointments
  • Advanced tools and equipment
  • Upfront fixed prices
  • Friendly team
  • Guaranteed workmanship 

Contact the MPJ Plumbing team today for all your gutter and roof repair needs. Our technicians are on standby to provide same-day services at an affordable price. Call us today!