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Sewer Pump Repairs Riley St, Darlinghurst

Sewer Pump Repairs, Riley St, Darlinghurst

Emergency Plumbing Service’s Sydney 

Contact MPJ Plumbing Group and get a quote today if you are in need of a plumber in Sydney. We are honest and upfront professional plumbers who offer 24/7 support, providing high-quality emergency plumbing services. 

Who Are We?

MPJ Plumbing Group is a company based in Sydney that offer plumbing services in the Sydney area. We are a group of friendly, trustworthy, and reliable professionals specialising in providing all residential and commercial plumbing services, involving hot water installation & repairs, general plumbing problems, gas repairs, and other fixtures. 

We are highly rated as a top plumbing company; we guarantee to arrive on time and offer you competitive quotes. MPJ Plumbing specialists are qualified, so you can confidently choose our reliable services related to any plumbing issues, including blocked drains, clogged sewers, pipes, or a sewer pipe. 

Who Worked On The Project?

The plumbers who worked on the restaurants’ sewer pump-out repairs were:

  • Peter – Director
  • Cameron – Tradesman 
  • Doug – Tradesman 
  • Luke – Apprentice

What The Client Was After

Our client was seeking a permanent solution to their plumbing problem, which might be encountered in any home. A blocked stormwater or sewer drain is one of the most stressful plumbing issues a property owner can face. If you are faced with a blocked drain in Sydney, you best act fast, as delays for such plumbing problems can leave you with a large mess on the floor, not to mention the hole in your pocket. 

Apparently, minor issues can hide significant underlying problems, so calling a qualified plumber for professional advice is recommended if you suspect a blocked pipe. MPJ Plumbing operates 24/7 to ensure that we attend to all emergencies, as it’s our top priority. Whether you need maintenance or an urgent pipe repair, you can count on us. We pride ourselves to complete the tasks as soon as possible to the highest standard. 

What Work Was Completed?

Our professional plumbers took the necessary steps to complete the job, as follows:

  • Broke up concrete
  • Cut out concrete flooring
  • Removed rubble
  • Re-concreted
  • Non-destructive digging was used to dig the hole much more profound for the massive pit
  • Installed new fibreglass pit
  • Backfilled with aggregate
  • Installed the plumbing to the new pumps and wired it into the control panel
  • Tested to make sure pumps were working correctly
  • Re-tiled bathroom floor
  • Deep clean of the property 


Too much pressure caused the flexible hoses to burst, a pressure decrease valve was needed to reduce the water pressure to a safer level. 

Upon arrival, we investigated any signs of too much water pressure in the drain. A few simple tests concluded that water pressure needed to be reduced to clear the drains. A visual inspection is not enough to locate the source of a blockage, so we used CCTV technology to find it within the plumbing system. Once the basis of the blockage was identified, we took action to clear the dirt, food scum, residuals, etc. 

Where Was The Job Completed?

The job was completed at Riley St in Darlinghurst, 2010 NSW.

Why Do You Have A Blocked Drain In Sydney?

It can be hard to prevent a drain blockage, as there can be many contributing factors that may have led to the pipes becoming clogged. The disposal of wet wipes or foreign objects, hair build-up, tree roots, food scraps, toilet paper, grease build-up, or broken pipes are all leading causes of a blocked drain.

Broken pipes aren’t always noticeable, and most of them leak without warning. It can pass days, weeks, or even months before the signs of damaged pipes are noticed. However, once you spot a leakage or broken pipe, it’s time to call MPJ Plumbing.

Having a blocked drain in Sydney isn’t fun. They smell odd, become inconvenient, and if left untreated, they might cause significant problems to your house’s plumbing system. The great news is that you can call MPJ Plumbing, Sydney’s leading plumbers to clear your blocked drains in no time.