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Pressure Reduction Valve The Boulevarde, Miranda

Pressure Reduction Valve Install, The Boulevarde, Miranda

About The Company

MPJ Plumbing Miranda is a well-established plumbing company in the Sydney area, offering reliable plumbing services. The company takes pride in its high-quality and long-standing expertise in any plumbing-related project including hot water repairs and installation, gas repairs,  and gas fittings. 

In addition, MPJ Plumbing provides emergency plumbing services, so you don’t have to worry about your plumbing issues going unresolved. For this reason, our expert plumbers arrive on-site without delay. 

As a client, you’ll always receive an accurate quote and estimation of how much your plumbing problem will cost you to fix. MPJ Plumbing is proud of its honest upfront pricing, in addition to its high-quality services. 

What Did the Project Involve? 

Among the many jobs we handle, we were asked to reduce the water pressure for this particular client. The client had too much water pressure throughout the home, which caused the flexible hoses to burst, it was evident that something needed to be done to diminish the pressure as mentioned earlier. Therefore, our solution was to install a new pressure reduction valve in order to effectively stop the water pressure before any more damage was caused. 

pressure reduction valve in Sydney

Getting The Water Pressure Right Is Essential

There is no denying – getting the water pressure right is of the utmost importance. This means that having too much or too little pressure can be damaging to the pipes, drains and taps in your home. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure that the water pressure and flow of water are well-balanced and at optimal levels.

What Can Cause Too Much Water Pressure?

Contrary to what some people may think, having high water pressure is not beneficial. Indeed, relatively high water pressure is generally wanted when taking a shower or washing the dishes. However, this can cause various problems. Apart from flooding, wasted water and increased costs, your chances of pipe damage are higher if not inevitable. As a result of this, your pipes can rupture, or – as was the case for our client – the flexible hoses can burst.

What Can Cause Too Little Water Pressure?

Low water pressure negatively impacts the flow of water. Therefore, any chore or activity, from washing the dishes, your hands, taking a shower to filling a kettle or a bottle, becomes incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. In addition to these nuisances, having too little water pressure means that your pipes may be leaking, which, as a result, can cause more significant issues than your day-to-day chores being affected.

Who Was Assigned for the Job?

The plumber who worked the job and installed a new pressure reduction valve was:

  • Bradman – tradesman

What Work Was Completed? 

In order to inspect the problem and before installing a new pressure reduction valve, it was necessary to turn off the water at the water meter and drain the water service. The next step was to connect a bonding strap between the inlet and outlet and disconnect the outlet of the meter. Marking and cutting the pipe was vital for the new valve to be correctly attached. 

Installing the pressure reduction valve meant attaching it to the outlet of the water meter and reassembling this meter effectively. When this was completed, the water was turned back on. A gauge was put on the hose tap to achieve optimal water pressure. 

What Was the Problem?

So, what has caused the flexible hoses to burst? The client complained of too much pressure, which is a common cause of hoses rupturing. A new pressure reduction valve was installed by Bradman to set the water pressure at a safe and recommended level.

Where Was the Job?

This job was completed on The Boulevarde, in the Southern Sydney suburb, Miranda, New South Wales. 

Emergency 24/7 Support

MPJ Plumbing Sydney provides high-quality emergency plumbing support and services, available 24/7.