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Powder Room Renovation Calypso St, Yowie Bay

Powder Room Renovation, Calypso St, Yowie Bay

The powder room is the hummingbird of a home: a room so small you may wonder whether it’s a room at all or whether it requires that much attention. We think it does. 

We are a team of clean, courteous, and reliable plumbers capable of handling general residential plumbing issues, emergency plumbing, hot water installation, gas repairs, and fitting, and we won’t back down from renovating your bathroom or powder room. 

One of our latest projects took place on Calypso Street, in the Yowie Bay NSW 2228, a peaceful suburb in Sydney, Australia. We deployed our tradesman Dough in the area to perform an upgrade to a 40-year-old powder room, a project that was relatively fast and not at all demanding. 

What Work Was Completed?

  • We capped off pipework for demolition 
  • We did a set out with the client to ensure everything was where they wanted it 
  • We carried out rough-in of hot, cold, and drainage 
  • We’ve attended and completed fit-off 


The bathroom was outdated and clients wanted an upgrade 

Everyone gets bored sometimes, and it’s here where the need to change something comes. Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular projects for homeowners to get stuck into. Fortunately, our MPJ Plumbing professionals have the necessary expertise to handle this project, so you don’t have to.  

Is It Hard To Add Drainage In An Existing Building?

It depends. Not all properties are built the same, which means some projects could be more demanding than others in terms of time, money, and effort.

For example, moving into a brand-new residence that holds a lot of appeal for buyers and tenants, could pose a number of specific challenges that need to be considered and handled carefully.

Drainage is one of those challenges and common mistakes that can occur during the drainage installation process such as the selection of incorrect pipe sizes, erroneous cross-connections, wrong pipe gradients, and poor backflipping. Additionally, the process of adding drainage in an existing building can cause unintended damage to the home structure, existing drain, odour nuisance, environmental and health damage. If there’s an existing drainage system close to planned development, it may be necessary to take action to protect the pipes or remove the old system completely. 

Why Do You Need Us?

Moving into a newly built property gives you a rare opportunity to make use of a drainage system that’s entirely new, without any blockages or wearing caused by the bad habits of the previous tenants. As such, it’s important to be proactive about drain care and adopt practices that will maintain the new drainage system in perfect working condition. 

Our MPJ Plumbing team can ensure you of a quick and speedy response to any inconvenience with the plumbing system during the renovation project. We place great importance on delivering a personalised approach to our clients, making sure we work efficiently to deliver outstanding workmanship that will exceed your expectations.