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Blocked Storm Water Drains Sydney

Floods from a blocked stormwater drain can cause devastating structural damages to your property. The cost of repairs could be thousands of dollars. You can however avoid such expensive costs if the clog is cleared immediately.  

Call MPJ Plumbing if you have a blocked storm water drain here in Sydney. We are specialists in storm drain management with over 25 years of combined experience. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. 

MPJ Plumbing technicians are accredited to handle all plumbing issues, including blocked storm drains. We have invested in advanced tools and equipment like CCTV drain cameras, electric eels, and more to handle all kinds of blocked drains. 

Why Is Your Storm Water Drain Blocked? 

Although storm drains are designed to handle large volumes of rain and groundwater, they will quickly overflow if water flow is restricted. Here are the main reasons why your stormwater drains are blocked: 

Debris Build-Up 

There is so much debris that gets collected from your gutters and yard that ends up in the storm drain. From sediment, dirt, to leaves, the debris build-up can block your drain. Garden debris is also another major cause of a blockage. If you have worked on your garden, collect the leaves, sticks, weeds and throw them away. 

Drained Rubbish 

There are cases when rubbish such as clothes and bottles find their way into open storm drains. When these grates are damaged, rubbish from your house can block your storm drain. Put your trash in the bin and ensure your storm drain grates are in perfect condition.  

Tree Roots 

If you have trees in your yard or around your home, they could be the reason your storm drain is clogged. Tree roots can enter the drainpipe through small cracks or loose joints which will eventually cause a nasty blockage.  

Signs Your Storm Water Drain Needs a Plumber 

The following are important to look out for and will be signs you need to call a plumber immediately. These are the most common signs your stormwater drain is blocked: 

  • Surface grates flooding during heavy rain 
  • Water gushing out of your downpipes 
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drain 

How We Handle Blocked Storm Drains 

We are here to ensure your rain and groundwater are draining away efficiently. Our technicians can handle all types of blocked storm drains. If your yard is flooding, call us and our team will rush to your place immediately.  

We have diagnostic equipment including HD CCTV drain cameras to help locate the clog faster. These cameras can help tell us what is causing the blockage and where it is inside the pipework. With this information, we will find the best and lasting solution to the problem. 

We use electric eels that can dislodge even the most stubborn storm drain clogs, such as sediment build-up. After clearing the blockage, we will inspect the drain again with the camera to ensure the clog is gone. 

Our team will also help with the prevention of blocked stormwater drains. After identifying the cause, we offer expert advice on how to prevent blockages in the future. This includes installing gutter guards, drain grates, and so on. 

Other Storm Water Drain Services We Offer 

Don’t wait for the storm drain to block to call us. We can help maintain your drain and ensure it is in perfect condition throughout the year. Here are other services we offer: 

Drain Inspection 

We offer storm drain inspection services to both residential and commercial properties. Using CCTV drain cameras, our plumbers can help check if there are problems in your drain before the storm season comes. 

Drain Cleaning and Repairs 

We are also offering drain repairs if you have damages such as broken pipes or drain grates. If you need your drain cleaned, call us for professional cleaning services. This will significantly reduce the chances of a blockage. 

Gutter repairs and clearing 

Call us before the storm season starts for gutter repairs and clearing. We will get rid of leaves and other debris that can block your drain. We will ensure that the gutter guard is in perfect condition. 

Emergency Storm Water Drain Services 

If you need emergency storm drain services, call us now. Our plumbers are on standby 24/7 to address all your plumbing emergencies. 

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing?    

  • 24/7 general and emergency plumbing services 
  • Licenced and insured  
  • Accredited plumbers 
  • Upfront pricing 
  • Friendly services 
  • Guaranteed workmanship 
  • Affordable services 
  • Same day services 

Contact the MPJ Plumbing team for prompt solutions to all your blocked storm drain services. Our plumbers are always on standby 24/7 to address all your plumbing problems, including emergency plumbing services.