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Backflow Prevention Sydney

Having a backflow can be disastrous to the wellbeing of your family and your neighbours. Backflow is a plumbing problem in which water flows into your home or business reverses. The unwanted contaminated water from the drains makes its way into the main water supply. This contaminates your water supply and that of others households down the supply line. 

At MPJ Plumbing, we are licenced and insured plumbers serving Sydney residents and surrounding suburbs. We offer a range of professional plumbing services, including backflow prevention services.  

If you have a new home, our plumbers can help prevent backflow by assessing its backflow risk. We have the skills and experience to provide all types of backflow services. 

Major Causes of Backflow 

The backflow problem is caused by several factors. For the water to start reversing or flowing back to the supply line, it means there is a pressure drop in the supply line. There are many factors that can cause this problem.  

If the main supply water pipe bursts, the pressure on the supply line will fall, and this can cause the flow of water in your home to reverse. Another common cause is the withdrawal of a large amount of water at a higher pressure than that of the supply line. For example, if many firefighters are drawing water from the supply line, you are likely to backflow. 

Back siphonage is another major cause of backflow in most properties. If the pressure in the supply piping falls below the external pressure, your toilet and sink’s flow can easily reverse. A poorly done plumbing system can also increase the risk of backflow. 

Signs You Need Backflow Prevention Services  

Backflow will show its ugly head in a number of ways, but it can be confused with other plumbing problems. These are some of the most common signs of backflow: 

Bad Odour 

If you sense a change in water smell, call a backflow specialist. This is a sign that something is coming from your drains.  

Colour Change 

If the water coming from your taps has changed colour, this is an indication that your lines are having a backflow problem.  

Slow Water Flow 

If you notice that your water flow is slow or getting interrupted, call us, and our backflow specialists will help establish the problem. 

Sediment And Rust Particles in the Water 

Apart from water colour change, sediment and rust particles are another sign of backflow in your supply line. 

Different Water Levels in Some Drains 

If the water pressure at your property is normal, the water levels in all drains should also be the same. However, if some drains have a water level higher than others, this is an indication of a possible backflow. 

Why You Need Back Flow Prevention 

The main reason for installing backflow prevention devices is to stop dangerous chemicals and microorganisms from contaminating your water. Backflow prevention also helps to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases such as cholera and other waterborne diseases. 

Backflow prevention takes care of you and your family and other people using the same water line. When flow reverses, the entire water supply from your home downward will be contaminated.  

Don’t take a risk with backflow. It can be a matter of life and death because of high water contamination levels in Australia. Call MPJ Plumbing today for professional backflow services. 

How MPJ Plumbing Can Help  

We offer a vast range of backflow prevention services in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If your property’s backflow risk rate is yet to be assessed, we can help. Our plumbers will perform a backflow risk assessment for your water supply and advice accordingly. Here are other backflow prevention services we offer:  

  • Installing backflow devices if the risk rate assessment recommends so. We also establish the most suitable device for your home, depending on the assessment results. 
  • Maintenance and repairs of the backflow prevention system if you already have one. 
  • Vandal deterrent if there have been cases of vandalism in your area 
  • Audit and reports 

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing 

We have over 25 years of combined experience in backflow prevention services. Our plumbers are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to handle all types of backflow services. You can trust us with quality, fast and professional services. The other reasons why you should hire us includes: 

  • 24/7 general plumbing and emergency services  
  • Licenced and insured contractor
  • Highly experienced plumbers 
  • We arrive promptly 
  • Same day services 
  • Upfront price 
  • Guaranteed workmanship 
  • Affordable services 

Contact MPJ Plumbing today if you are looking for professional backflow prevention services in Sydney and the surrounding services. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to address all your plumbing problems, including plumbing emergencies.