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Blocked Storm Water Little Wonga St, Cremorne

Blocked Storm Water, Little Wonga St, Cremorne

Blocked stormwater drains are a common plumbing issue that many Australian homeowners face on their property, especially after heavy rain or storm. Fortunately, the skilled technicians at MPJ Plumbing are all too familiar with these types of problems and can get blocked stormwater drains cleared in no time. 

What The Client Was After  

One of our clients, residing in Little Wonga St, Cremorne, was dealing with a stormwater drain blockage, so he contacted MPJ Plumbing to help fix the problem. Following a brief discussion with the client, where he gave us a few details about the issue he was experiencing, we scheduled an appointment to solve the problem.  

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What Work Was Completed

Arriving at the job site, our team decided to use a high-pressure water jet to fix the issue. Here are the steps we followed to clear the blockage and clean the stormwater drainage: 

  • Set up a high-pressure water jet
  • Ran a jet hose down the pipe 
  • Cleaned out dirt and leaves 
  • Removed the jet hose and cleaned out strip drain 
  • Ran a test to ensure the blockage was completely removed and the stormwater drain was working correctly

Why Was This Necessary?

The blocked stormwater drain caused water to flood under the client’s house after heavy rain. Left unattended, this could have caused major structural damage to the property. In order to prevent further issues, stormwater drain blockages should be addressed sooner rather than later. 

How The High-Pressure Water Jet Works 

Drains often become blocked due to the slit and dirt that accumulates over time. High-pressure water jetting is the most effective, fastest, and safest method to clear these blockages. This implies using specialized equipment, commonly referred to as water getters, that create a high-pressure stream of water that removes the blockage and clears the drains. 

High-pressure water jetting systems consist of a heavy-duty hose, a nozzle (they come in different sizes to suit the size of the pipes), a water tank, a motor, and a pump that blasts highly pressurized water (up to 5000psi) through the affected pipe, removing all trace of tree roots, fat or grease.

Steps To Prevent Blocked Stormwater Drains In The Future

High-pressure water jetting can clear even the most stubborn drain blockages. But once your stormwater drain is functioning properly again, it’s important to know how to prevent blockages in the future. Here are some essential steps to consider: 

  • keep the area around the property well maintained
  • install gutter guards and grates 
  • clean gutter twice a year, removing tree branches, leaves, and debris 
  • keep an eye out for signs that your stormwater drain is starting to block up (water gushing out of pipes, flooding on the property, gurgling sounds)
clearing blocked storm water drain

Where The Job Took Place 

To complete this job, our team had to travel to our client’s location on Little Wonga St, Cremorne, Sydney’s Lower North Shore region. The affluent, residential suburb is located 6 kilometers northeast of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of North Sydney Council. Bordered on the north by Willoughby Bay, on the east by Mosman, on the south by Cremorne Point, and on the west by Neutral Bay and Cammeray, the suburb is known for its laid-back vibe and hilly areas. 

The Team Working On The Project  

We had two of our skilled technicians working on this project:  

  • Peter – Director 
  • Doug – Tradesman