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If you’re experiencing a blocked drain, don’t panic! Some professional plumbers can help. MPJ Plumbing Group in North Sydney is a blocked drains specialist serving North Sydney residents and surrounding suburbs. We are licenced and insured contractors offering a range of plumbing services, including blocked drains fix.

Blocked drains can be caused by a lot of factors, such as a build-up of hair, grease, or food particles. But don’t worry – our plumbers are experienced and can fix the problem quickly. We use the latest technology and tools to clear your drain so that you can get on with your day.

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain, don’t hesitate to call us. We offer a 24×7 emergency services, so we can help you no matter what time of day or night it is. Our company provides a range of plumbing services to take care of all your plumbing needs. For blocked drains, North Sydney residents can rely on, call MPJ Plumbing Group today! We’re the blocked drain specialists you can trust.

Blocked Drains Common Causes and How To Fix It

MPJ Plumbing in North Sydney is here to help get your drains unblocked so you can use the sink again. We have experts who know how it’s done and will work quickly and efficiently without any hassle for a fair price!

Our team of highly-trained plumbers is always on standby to restore your drains. We fix common problems such as toilet blockages, a major cause for concern at home and businesses alike!

We have all had those moments where we hear water running in the toilet and go to flush it, but something gets blocking. Yes, that’s right; you could be experiencing one of life’s minor emergencies: your blocked sewer line! Our North Sydney plumbers are ready for whatever comes up, so call now before it’s too late!

We can unclog your storm drains with CCTV drain cameras, electric eels, and pipe locators. We also have water jetters to clear blocked gutters so that they don’t cause more problems in the future!

A plumber is someone who handles all sorts of plumbing-related issues like fixing leaks or installing new fixtures for you while keeping them up on maintenance schedules.

What is the Main Cause of Blocked Drains?

Various factors can cause blocked drains, but the most likely cause is something you have done yourself. We don’t just fix your blocked drain; we also help make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future! Some common causes for residential plumbing problems are:

Sticky Grease Build Up

The build-up of grease on your kitchen sink’s drain pipes is one of the most common reasons why they get clogged. Usually, it comes from cooking oil, washing soap, and cleaning detergents, which all tend to accumulate. These types of waste materials are not removed frequently. The water hasn’t been running through sufficiently since it will obstruct before you know what happened!

The problem with this kind of blockage can often be difficult to remove unless you use advanced tools or equipment. Other objects could be caught alongside the main culprit – the suction effect caused by sucked-up debris falling back down towards its original location.

Foreign Objects

The toilet drain is there to flush anything from urine and excrement, all the way down. Anything that gets stuck in your pipes can cause blockages, so make sure you never flush any type of hygiene product like wet wipes or dental floss without first checking what it might be made out of.

Tree Roots

If you reside in an area (such as a forest), then tree roots may be blocking your sewer line. Tree root growth usually occurs at cracks or joints between sidewalks and pavement, leading them into pipes inside homes – sometimes we don’t even notice until something gets stuck!

Warning Signs Your Drain Is Blocked

The first sign that your drains are clogged is when water starts to pile up in the sink or bathtub. You might have an obstruction somewhere else within its system, like a tight naive pipe under flooring, for example, or there’s been too much waste flow since we last cleaned out those pipes! The next clue comes from hearing unusual noises coming from below-ground level (i.e.,basement), which may indicate what type of material has been put down.

Water Pooling

Have you noticed that there’s water pooling in your yard? This could be due to a blockage of one kind or another. The most common issue is sewer line backups, which happen when particles get stuck and reduce the size too much for it to escape through cracks between joints along its length; so instead-it goes underground where we find these slow swelling lines.

Strong Smell

The smell of decay is not something that you want in your home. Food items, organic matters, or human waste collected within the pipes cause an unpleasant odour. This may lead people into thinking there’s something wrong with their plumbing system when all these issues that need attention would be solved by simply clearing out whatever has built up over time (clogs).

Slow Toilet Flush

The toilet should be flushed quickly, but if it takes increasingly long periods, a clog could be building up.

Slow Draining Kitchen Sink

Obstruction of the drain sink pipe by clogs can cause slow draining. The build-up of soap, grease hair and other materials in pipes is what drives this issue with your plumbing system’s efficiency for flowing water quickly out from its source to destinations such as toilets or kitchen sinks where we use them most often.

Reason To Choose MPJ Plumbing in North Sydney

We are the best plumbers in North Sydney you can find because we offer a wide range of services that cover everything from drains and pipes to heating systems. We have been providing our customers with quality work at affordable prices for years now – so why not let us help fix your problem?

  • We are licensed and insured
  • We have a team of expert plumbers
  • We provide upfront pricing
  • We have a satisfaction guarantee

Call us today for a $0 call-out fee! We’ve got you covered, no matter what problem is plaguing your drains.