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Top Sutherland Shire Restaurants We Love

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1. Albi’s Taverna

albi's taverna

Albi’s Taverna is an Italian restaurant that serves food from the well-known menu of sister restaurant Albi’s Table in Cronulla. You can enjoy 48-hour sous vide and roasted lamb shoulder, baby corn and balsamic lamb jus, almond and burnt butter potatoes. It’s a pleasant place with excellent service, great staff, and unparalleled atmosphere. The restaurant was founded by Albi Cuni, who was trained at Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe. The kitchen plates are a rendition of classic food. If you eat here, make sure to save room for dessert. There are 5 types of tiramisus to choose from. Despite the current restrictions, your experience will be a fulfilling one. 

2. Giro Osteria

giro osteria

Giro Osteria is one of the finest dining destinations in the Sunderland Shire. The menu features freshly made pasta, antipasti platters (appetizing combinations of cheese, vegetables, and meat), and more. It’s a fantastic way to start an evening with friends. The one-of-a-kind menu shines a spotlight on quality local ingredients. Just to be clear, seawater isn’t the only local ingredient at the Giro Osteria. The sourdough bread, used for making bruschetta, comes from Nick Tabet of the Alley Break Café, which is only two doors up. Giro Osteria offers six or seven seasonal items that change regularly. Also, you can sip on Italian wine.  

3. RockSalt Restaurant

RockSalt Restaurant

The declared aim of RockSalt Restaurant is to offer the best modern Australian cuisine and dining experience in the Sutherland Shire. It turns out that the restaurant achieved its full potential. RockSalt Restaurant offers one of the most delicious food experiences. It serves satisfying stapes in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to mingle with friendly locals and alleviate your hunger with a portion of seafood hotspot with prawns. The kitchen can accommodate even the fussiest eater. The spacious and modern dining area is suitable for a get-together or a corporate event. As hard as Australians might work, everyone needs a day out of the office. 

4. Alphabet Street

alphabet street

Alphabet is a genuine Thai restaurant located on Cronulla beach. What makes it truly great is the thoughtful wine list and the cuisine’s flavour palette. Alphabet Street is best known for sweet pork, fish floss, green mango, and nahm jim. The food is tasty and delicious, but you’ll be surprised to see that flavour can be so beautiful. The people of Thailand have been cooking with the colours of the rainbow since the dawn of time.  The chefs at Alphabet Street follow the same tradition. You’ll receive a plate full of colourful, nutritious food. 

5. Summer Salt

summer salt

If you want to go to a place where the cocktails are delicious, you can eat with a sea view, and your dessert is on the course of the day, pay a visit to Summer Salt located on Cronulla beach. A singular takeaway menu has been created, which means that you can delight in your favourite dishes. You’ll get the real thing and not the sterilised version of it. The Shire dwellers can’t get enough of this place. When you’re in the mood for contemporary Australian cuisine enhanced with Asian flavours, you know where to go. 

6. I Grill

i grill

I Grill is one of those restaurants with a strong creative flair and passion for cooking. It’s a place designed to restore faith in eating out. Food and hospitality are combined with art and culture. I Grill is a hidden gem in the centre of Bundeena. If the sight of food makes our mouth water, you’ll want to dine at I Grill. It stocks fresh produce and greenery. If you like chorizo, heirloom tomatoes and feta, or BBQ smoked ribs, the I Grill is the best place to go. The overall experience is out of this world: the physical setting, the aromas, the sauces and dishes served. 

7. The Big Mexican Rancho

The Big Mexican Rancho

The Big Mexican Rancho was established more than 30 years ago. Not only are the meals very generous, but also super tasty. No matter where you are in Sutherland Shire, you should pay a visit to The Big Mexican Rancho. You’ll fall in love with the food and its fresh ingredients, not to mention the balance of textures and spices. The restaurant accommodates sombreros and paintings of Mexican desert scenes. If you’re curious to know what’s on the menu, you’ll be happy to know that you can eat nachos, dips, salads, and specialities like stuffed jalapenos, chilli con carne, and salt and pepper squid. 

8. 1908 Cronulla

1908 Cronulla

1908 Cronulla is a restaurant and bar that makes visitors feel like home. If you’re too busy to prepare your own meals, you’re in luck because the taste feels like home. Genuinely authentic. The cooking served at this upscale restaurant is influenced by Brazilian, Caribbean, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Thai, and Polynesian cuisines.  You can enjoy, for example, Buddha’s garden dumplings, with black vinegar, chilli and soy. No matter what you choose from the menu, you’re doing yourself a service. The menu may look small, but be sure that it’s flavourful and delicious. If you’re on a special diet, there are vegetarian friendly, vegan options, and gluten free options. 

9. Seven Lanterns

Seven Lanterns

Seven Lanterns serves Korean and Japanese meals, while ensuring a sumptuous dining experience.  This eating place goes the extra mile to please guests’ taste palette. Why don’t you tempt your taste buds? Even if you’re a picky eater, you’ll love dining at Seven Lanterns. The culinary genius behind the menu is none other than chef Dave Park, who uses the techniques learned under Michelin-starred chefs to recreate the food of his childhood. Be ready for an incredible culinary journey. Explore Korean and Japanese food with Seven Lanterns. 

10. The Bridge Restaurant & Bar

The Bridge Restaurant & Bar

The Bridge Restaurant & Bar enjoys a good reputation among locals and tourists alike. While some people love the food, particularly the quality and taste, others prefer the outstanding service. When you come for lunch, dinner, or a weekend breakfast, you can enjoy the scenic views and go through the ever-changing menu. The staff is efficient and attentive without rushing you. So, take your time before ordering. Take delight in the mustard-infused mashed potatoes and red wine jus. And don’t forget to try the Bridge nut pie. 

11. Blackwood Pantry

Blackwood Pantry

If you’re looking for a place to eat, you can ask your friends or take the plunge and try something new. You won’t be disappointed with Blackwood Pantry. The food is out of this world, always fresh and different. Everybody treats you like a friend. It’s simple and not too cosy. Blackwood Pantry shapes a good ambiance, so if you care about more than just the cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to enjoy a combination of exceptional dishes and coffee service, this restaurant can offer something really special. Blackwood Pantry offers delivery, just so you know. 

12. Mike’s Grill & Bar

Mike's Grill & Bar

Mike’s Grill & Bar serves grilled meat and seafood, besides pasta and pizza. If you want to meet and eat with friends, why don’t you stop by? The restaurant won’t ask you to keep it down. That’s because the atmosphere is lively. Mike’s Grill & Bar provides an exceptionally varied menu that’s served quickly with optimum quality. The menu includes options for dining and pub fare appetizers. You’ll discover a vibrant and contemporary food scene. Try the renowned pork barbecue ribs, jumbo schnitzels, and seafood. The service is great from beginning to end. 

13. Tackle Shack

tackle shack

Taste your way in Sutherland Shire on a culinary tour. Don’t forget to stop by the Tackle Shack. It’s a restaurant and bar that caters to the needs of the pickiest foodies. This charming neighbourhood restaurant is both chic and folksy. The warm and welcoming entrance invites guests to come and linger over a delicious meal while admiring the ocean views. Forest mushroom arancini and roasted Cone Bay barramundi with dashi are just some of the exquisite meals present on the menu. The rest you’ll have to discover yourself. It would be best to make a reservation ahead of time. 

14. Lively Catch

lively catch

For some of Australia’s best seafood experiences, visit the Lively Catch. With professional and attentive staff, and a menu that celebrates modern Australian seafood dishes, this eating place is hard to go past. Lively Catch has been satisfying foodies for roughly 26 years, while not neglecting the needs of non-seafood lovers. No matter if it’s a celebration meal, business meeting, or romantic dinner, this restaurant goes above and beyond to please guests with good food and wine. On the menu, you can expect to see options such as crispy skin snapper and red meat mains. An unforgettable dining experience is guaranteed. 

15. Northies 


To experience upscale dining in a glowing atmosphere, you might want to head over to Northies. It’s the perfect place if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The sunny surroundings around Northies ensure an unparalleled dining experience. Indulge yourself in the luxury of the seasonality. Do you need to watch the big game? No problem. Northies will screen your favourite event. Watch the game and take a bite of the restaurant classics.

16. Spice Temple of Bukhara

spice temple of bukhara

Spice Temple of Bukhara is an Indian restaurant that offers tasty meals, cooked perfectly. If you’ve never tasted an Indian dish before, there’s no better time than now to do it. This eating place serves authentic Indian dishes, which are made by professional chefs. Tried-and-true classics include eggplant pakora, onion bhaji, and baby calamar croustillant. You won’t get food like this anywhere else in Sutherland Shire. 

17. The Nuns Pool

The Nuns' Pool

The Nuns Pool is a restaurant that offers a fine combination of breath-taking views and modern Australian dishes. It’s designed like a beach house, featuring an open plan. You’ll love the relaxing atmosphere with water waves. The food doesn’t lack flavour, to be clear. No matter what dishes you try, they’re always excellent. If you visit The Nuns Pool on a rainy day, you’ll find it quiet but cosy. It’s a good place to sit and swap old stories with friends.