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20 Sutherland Shire Cafes we Love

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Sydney has much to offer. From amazing views over the city, immersing yourself in the lively hum of city life, watching the sunset from coastal cliffs, enjoying delicious fresh seafood, and seeing the widely renowned Sydney Opera House, you won’t get bored. South of Sydney, you will discover a local government area that you will definitely want to visit – the Sutherland Shire. 

Colloquially called “The Shire”, this region is the destination for an incredible stretch of soft sand beaches with designated areas for swimming or, if you are of a more adventurous nature, for surfing. The Shire is the go-to location for both tourists and people residing in Sydney. Home to Royal National Park, it is understandable Sutherland Shire is attracting many visitors. This park is known to be the first national park in Australia, which was established in 1879. Besides this, it is also one of the oldest ones worldwide, coming in second after Yellowstone in the USA. 

During your stay in Sutherland Shire, it will come in handy to know 20 of the most impressive cafes where you can drink the best coffee and, perhaps, eat a delicious brunch. Whether you want to refresh yourself after a beautiful day spent in the Royal National Park or soak up the morning sun and breeze before going on to spend your day around in The Shire or going to the beach, here are the places to try:

1. White Horse Coffee

white horse coffee

Known for offering specialty coffee, White Horse Coffee should definitely be on your list. Saying the coffee is of high quality might be an understatement. Baristas are specialists in how carefully they prepare the coffee, from how it is roasted to serving. Plus, the harvesting is also an essential aspect for White Horse Coffee house and its baristas. The company values this process and encourages a direct relationship between the staff and the farmers. Such involvement supports improved products and services, with baristas gaining knowledge of how the coffee is produced. 

So, whether you are passionate about coffee or you enjoy a cup of delicious cappuccino now and again, White Horse Coffee is the place to go. And if you are a bit hungry, they have sweet treats that accompany the coffee amazingly. 

2. 7th Heaven 

7th heaven

This cafe place not only has excellent coffee, but it also has excellent organic, raw, and gluten-free dishes. It isn’t solely focused on providing vegan food, so there is an option for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian and vegan or not. And to be honest, the food is so delicious that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these options. When it comes to coffee, it is something for every style and taste. From spiced lattes – where they offer many options, and it’s one of their specialty, such as charcoal latte – the classic espresso, to iced versions that refresh and give you a boost of energy, 7th Heaven is sure to make you feel spoiled. You can choose to stay indoors or feel the breeze on their pet-friendly terrace. Enjoy the good coffee and food with your friends in this heavenly place – pun intended. 

3. Sweet Mayhem 

Sweet Mayhem

Sweet Mayhem is an experience of all things sweet. Cakes and pastries, and other specialties are freshly baked every morning, and if you have a sweet tooth, this should be a stop on your list. Goods are created with the best ingredients, but the quality is also a never-missing ingredient in every recipe. 

So, if you are craving a slice of cake and a classic or chai latte, there are so many combinations from which you can choose. Whether it is with fruits, all-chocolate, or caramel, the baked goods are incredibly varied, and the coffee is top-quality. Come to Sweet Mayhem, they have cakes.  

4. Left Bower

Left Bower

“Australian grown coffee” is the main thing you will see if you search Left Bower online. Open from the early morning, this place is specialising in locally harvested and grown coffee beans. If you are not such a coffee lover, they have an excellent Daintree Chai tea, which has a unique flavour. Plus, it can have health benefits, which is always an advantage, and it is a great option for vegans.  If you feel a bit hungry, Left Bower also has a few savoury options, or if you prefer something sweet, they offer house-made granola or banana bread.

5. Café 2232

cafe 2232

This cafe in The Shire is definitely for the quirky. It has an incredible personality, and it is very “Instragrammable” so you might not want to miss out on this fantastic place. But don’t worry, its appearance is not the only reason why you should visit Cafe 2232. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have made this list. Cafe 2232 has so many breakfast options that it will be challenging to decide on what to order. From the classic avocado smash or eggs Benedict to more specific dishes, such as sautéed mushrooms and spinach on toast – sounds delicious, isn’t it? – you might find yourself wanting to try them all. When it comes to drinks and coffee, this won’t disappoint either. Also, there is a unique 2232 smoothie in different flavours, so it clearly has an advantage. 

6. Café di Casa

Café di Casa

This coffee shop in the Gymea suburb, in Sutherland Shire, is a small yet incredibly homey, cosy and friendly place. Its name, “di casa”, literally translates into “home”, and more figuratively, it means family. So, this is your first sign that this café is like a home away from home. It warms – or given the high temperatures, it cools you – with a variety of iced coffee, smoothies and milkshakes. Apart from the flavoured latte, you should try the Acai smoothie, which is dairy-free, or if you have a sweet tooth, the Nutella smoothie is to die for! And if you’re feeling hungry in the early morning or during brunch, Café di Casa has got you covered: whether you want an Acai Bowl or are in the mood for a di Casa panini toast.

7. Café Loftus

Café Loftus

This Café is known to be more varied. From good coffee to good food, you will find something for your taste. In all honesty, it might be a challenge to decide on what to order. The breakfast is available throughout the day so that you can order one of their tasty options during the early morning, brunch or even in the afternoon. They even have a special Café Loftus “big breakfast” that comes with a cup of coffee or tea. If you only want a snack, this place has some light choices, such as cinnamon toast. Café Loftus has a delicious Nutella cappuccino you must try for individuals who drink their coffee with a sweet twist. 

8. The Crossing Espresso Bar

The Crossing Espresso Bar

If you are around Sutherland Shire, you should stop at The Crossing Espresso Bar. It is a small business that specialises in offering the best coffee in the area. The baristas roast the coffee in-house but are committed to sourcing the best-quality beans from around the world. Hence, it is sure you will have a good cup of coffee here if you get the chance to arrive in Sutherland Shire. Their sweet or savoury options complement the coffee perfectly, such as a slice of cake. Their pies are varied and delicious, and if you go there every day, you might find a different kind. Plus, people are saying that not one type has disappointed. Besides, they even take cake orders for special occasions.

9. The Natural Café

The Natural Café

A small and family-owned business, The Natural Café not only is a friendly, relaxing and highly welcoming place, but it also has healthy options for both food and beverages. This place has a very loyal client base, and the owners even remember the names of most of their customers – so that must make you feel like you are home. What more could you wish for when you need to take a break, eat something good and drink a tasty cup of coffee to give you an energy boost? 

10. Grind Espresso

Grind Espresso

You can find this fantastic café on the beachside of Sutherland Shire, in Cronulla. Quirky, welcoming, pet-friendly, pleasant staff, delicious food and beverages are some of the ways to describe Grind Espresso – and it is on the beach! If you are into a flavoured drink, you might want to give their almond flat white a try. 

11. Hazelhurst Café

Hazelhurst Café

If you want a splash of colour, Hazelhurst Café is the place to go. Apart from all the good energy you will find here, the business has a mission to unite the community. They do this by offering delicious food and beverages and celebrating art through the public gallery, Hazelhurst Arts Centre, where you can also find the colourful and lively café. Whatever your cravings, this place has them: breakfast, lunch and all-day menus have various options. Fairy lights, a delightful atmosphere, delectable food will make you come back again. 

12. Howling Forest Café

Howling Forest Café

In 2018 the Howling Forest Café earned the café category of The Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards, which recognises the community of businesses built in this area. Their great food for brekky and lunch, with terrific choices of coffee, frappes and juices, is just a plus of how friendly and welcoming the staff is. It might not be in the forest, but their graffiti of a howling wolf is recognisable, almost like their trademark, and Instagrammable. 

13. Bianco Nero Espresso

Bianco Nero Espresso

“Life has many shades of grey, with coffee it’s black and white” is their motto. Established in 2010, at Bianco Nero Espresso it is sure you will receive the best service, the staff is praised for how well they remember the name of their customers, which will always be considered a sign of good customer service. Apart from food options that stand out of the crowd – you might not want to miss out on their crab omelette – on Friday night, they also offer a tapas menu. Not to mention, their coffee is a Bianco Nero blend, which never disappoints.

14. Big Red Café

Big Red Café

If breakfast burgers sound good, head to the Big Red Café, as many people talk about how amazing they are. Not only this, but they also offer sweet and salted waffles that are made fresh on the day and on-demand. If you are on the go and want to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, or you want to dive into their varied menu, you have excellent takeaway options.

15. Heart & Soul Café

Heart & Soul Café

This is the ultimate café promoting wellbeing, exercising and a balanced diet. So, it won’t come as a surprise that there is a Heart & Soul Yoga studio as well. Not to mention, most of their staff includes volunteers with the goal of offering opportunities for inexperienced individuals. With plenty of options, the menu was created to encapsulate balanced vegan dishes. Plus, they have also made available the vegetarian alternative, so there is something for everyone. And, even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, the food is so delicious that it will win you over.

16. Flora Street Espresso

Flora Street Espresso

This small café, Flora St. Espresso, is open for the early birds especially – as early as 5 am – and close to the train station. So, it is the go-to place for commuters. Their minimalistic and sleek appearance is incredibly welcoming, and the incredible energy of the staff will put a smile on your face even at those early hours. The coffee is house-roasted and fresh, and they have light snacks and sandwiches you can easily take to go. 

17. Eliette

Eliette café

Eliette café is found in the heart of Sutherland Shire. It is yet another example of a simplistic, sleek place with a cosy atmosphere. Vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, they have all the options, and everything can be easily ordered for takeaway. 

18. Salt & Pepper Café Lounge

Salt & Pepper Café Lounge

The keyword to describe this café lounge is home. Their food is similar to home-cooked meals, they have delicious homemade scones, and the overall atmosphere feels very familiar and welcoming. It is far from being a pretentious place – its simplicity sets it apart; and excellent coffee. 

19. Sugar Rae’s

Sugar Rae’s

Apart from the must-try coffee, their burgers set them apart, especially the Southern Fried Chicken Burger. If you want to taste one of their many choices, it is essential to know you will only find them until Saturday. Sundays are allocated only for breakfast goods, savouries and coffee. So, if you want to spend your day correctly, Sugar Rae’s is the key. 

20. Barefoot on the Beach Café

Barefoot on the Beach Café

If you genuinely want to live the Australian experience, head over to the breathtaking Cronulla beach on the southside coast. More specifically, pay a visit to the Barefoot on the Beach Café, “not your typical snack bar” as they say, to get a taste of the Australian shore while drinking delicious beverages, from fresh juices to iced lattes and coffee. You can even satisfy your hunger with a healthy and tasty meal, such as their famous Beach Breakfast Plate.