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Shower Repairs Sydney

The washroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It is the place where we spend most of our private time as we relax with a hot shower after a long day. Nothing can ruin your evening or morning like unexpected cold water or a blocked shower.  

These are bathroom problems that can occur when you least expect them. What you need is a professional plumber to help with all kinds of shower repairs. At MPJ Plumbing, we are the best shower repair specialists operating across Sydney and surrounding suburbs. 

We have a team of highly skilled plumbing experts with vast experience in shower repairs. We are available 24/7 to address all your shower repairs.   

How We Can Help 

At MPJ Plumbing, we offer almost all types of shower repairs. We provide not only long-lasting solutions but also services at an affordable cost. We can help with: 

  • Leaking shower heads 
  • Blocked showers 
  • Water pressure 
  • Mould removal 
  • Bathroom sealing and waterproofing 

Leaking Showerheads  

Leaking shower heads are not uncommon here in Sydney and is one of the shower repairs that we handle most of the time. If your showerhead or tap is dripping, this means you are paying for water you are not using. 

A leaking shower head will damage your tiles, walls and paintwork, and the cost of repairing these damages can be thousands of dollars. The common causes of showerhead leaks include a clog, worn shower hose, worn shower valve, or even high-water pressure. Our plumbers will diagnose the cause and fix the problem. 

Blocked Shower 

A blocked shower is one of the nastiest bathroom problems. When the shower drain is blocked, this means you will start experiencing floods when taking a shower. The major cause of blocked showers is the build-up of hair and soap residues.  

Clogged shower pipes and U-bends can also cause nasty blocked showers. Sometimes, tree roots can also block your shower pipe if you have trees near your bathroom. Our plumbers have experience in unblocking all kinds of blocked showers. 

Water Pressure 

Water pressure is another major shower problem we can help repair. Your water pressure could either be high or lower than normal. High water pressure is one of the biggest problems, and it will damage your shower accessories. In such cases, our plumbers will control your water pressure at the gate valve.  

On the other hand, low pressure water can deny you the pleasure of a nice shower. The problem is most often caused by clogs in the pipe, which reduces the amount of water coming to the shower. Our plumbers can fix this problem for you. 

Mould Removal 

If you find signs of mould growth in your bathroom, contact us immediately. This is a sign of a leak and should be fixed ASAP to avoid more damages. Mould thrives in a moist and damp environment, which is therefore a sign there is a leak. If not removed immediately, mould can cause health problems to washroom users. 

We have the latest leak detection equipment to locate leaks and fix them. In most cases, pipe leaks are the reason for a moist wall, floor or ceiling. MPJ Plumbing will fix the problem in no time. 

Bathroom Sealing and Waterproofing 

Your washroom should be protected from water damages. This is why we offer bathroom sealing and waterproofing services according to your budget. We can do sealing in areas that are prone to damages, line the floor or even bath perimeter sealing.  

If you need waterproofing services, we are licenced waterproofing experts. Call us today, and our team will be at your place to assess the problem and provide you with a quote. 

Tile Re-Grouting 

If your bathroom looks old and worn, we can give it a new look with our tile re-grouting services. Our plumbers use the best quality grout on the market and will ensure grout used will match your bathroom colours. Call us and we will freshen up your bathroom at an affordable cost. 

Why Choose MPJ Plumbing? 

We are professionals operating a licenced and insured plumbing company. We have over 25 years of combined experience in shower repairs and other plumbing services. You can therefore trust us with quality shower repairs. Here are other reasons why you should consider hiring us: 

  • 24/7 general plumbing and emergency services  
  • Highly experienced plumbers 
  • We arrive promptly 
  • Same day services 
  • Upfront price 
  • Guaranteed workmanship 
  • Affordable services 

Do not hesitate to contact MPJ Plumbing if you are looking for shower repair services. Our plumbers are always on standby 24/7 to address all your plumbing problems, including plumbing emergencies.